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Create a iMovie trailer to illustrate a Compose 3 extension questions

topic in Science this term. based on the topic your are studying
Create a fact-sheet / flash card and research the answers.
about the key points in your lesson. Plan the follow-on to todays lesson,
using the 5 minute lesson plan to Choose one piece of marked work in
Find a scientific news item and structure your ideas. Collect a your book and re-do it, ensuring
summarise it in your own words. template from Miss Wrigley (G5) to that you are responding to feedback
complete this task! and making improvements where
Choose 3 key words your current necessary.
topic and explain how they relate to Create an A3, full colour storyboard
an experiment you have done this depicting key moments from this Create a collage using images,
term. weeks lessons. words, photos, examples of work to
demonstrate how you are using
Write your own teacher-style Chemistry skills that you have
progress report for this weeks developed.
SIDE ORDERS Produce a piece of artwork, or a 3D
Research a scientist who has done
work on, or made a discovery about, model, to demonstrate your
the topic covered. Include the name understanding of a current topic in
of the scientist and what they did your A-level science subject.
that is relevant.
Create 10-20 challenging quiz
questions about what we have
covered so far in this topic. Write
the questions with the correct Choose a starter, main, dessert or side order to further develop
answers. your understanding of the A-level curriculum. You can submit
you work to your subject teacher for feedback should you desire!