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Basic Nursing: Foundations of

Skills and Concepts

Chapter 1
Health & Holistic Health

Health is the physical well-being of the


Holistic health addresses all aspects of

life (physical, social, cultural, spiritual,
etc.) as an integrated whole.
Health is a Personal Choice

Each person has control over his or her own


The maintenance of personal health through

a constellation of sound choices and
lifestyle designs.

Wellness is a holistic measure of health.

The Five Aspects of Wellness

1. Physical Wellness
2. Intellectual Wellness
3. Psychological Wellness
4. Spiritual Wellness
5. Sociocultural Wellness
Physical Wellness requires:

Good grooming
Proper body mechanics
Good posture
Refraining from smoking and the use of
drugs and alcohol
And adequate nutrition, sleep, rest,
relaxation and exercise.
Intellectual Wellness requires:

The ability to function as an independent

Clear thinking and problem-solving skills
Good judgment
A desire to learn
Psychological Wellness requires:

Understanding your emotions.

Enjoying your own creativity.
Maintaining a positive attitude that you
convey to your patients
Spiritual Wellness requires:

Inner strength
A loving attitude
Sociocultural Wellness requires:

An ability to appreciate the needs of others

regardless of their:
Age Family
Race Religion
Language Tribe
Economic status Political Orientation
Customs Bias
Nurses need to be Self-aware.

To best meet the needs of their clients,

they must understand themselves. A
nurses personal feelings, attitudes,
and needs should never interfere with
the clients needs.
A conscious recognition at any specific
moment of what you
and how you behave
Nurture Yourself!

The demands of clients, employers,

and coworkers can cause stress for
the nurse.

Those who dont nurture themselves

will suffer stress symptoms and
Self-Nurturing Tips

Develop activities to recharge your body,

mind and spirit.
Make time for fun. Any activity that brings
happiness or joy is beneficial
Schedule a few minutes each day for