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There are already many different kinds of
animals that are now extinct animals, and
many more which will soon fall into that
category, as there are large numbers of wild
animals which are on the endangered
species list. The issue of these animals in
danger of extinction is very serious.
- Polar bears are endangered because of
global warming.
- The ice is melting and they cant hunt
- It is making the earth warmer.
- We can help by making signs that says do
not polute which causes global warming.
- Wild dolphins face many natural dangers within the deep
expanse of the ocean, however the most overwhelming
threat to their existence is man.

- Research suggests that over 95% of dolphin deaths are

directly attributable to man-related causes.

-The reasons that dolphins are becoming very close to

extinct animals are many though nearly all the factors
come back to human activity, because these close cousins
to whales live in many different environments across the
earth, including both fresh and salt water.
- There are about 3600 black rhinos left
on the planet.
- Poachers are killing them for their
valuable horns to make
medicine,decorated pieces, piano
chords and more.
- They are hunted for sport.
- Tigers are endangered mainly from poachers.
Poachers are people who hunt illegal.
- There used to be 10,000 in Asia alone and now
there are only 4,000 tigers left around the
whole world .
- Some people will pay 65,000 dollars for 1 tiger
- There are two reason why tigers are
endangered, habitat loss and illegal killing.
- Chimps are our closest animal cousins, sharing about 98% of our
DNA. They are highly social mammals and can live up to 50 years old.
They are also very resourceful animals, using tools to help them eat.

-They are found only in Central Africa.

-As forests become easier for people to enter, hunting increases.

Young Chimpanzees are caught to be pets or for scientific research.
The young ones are taken away from the forests, and whole groups
of adults are killed.

-Preservation actions are being taken, but if the forests shrink

anymore, the Chimpanzees are likely to disappear in the future.