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Physical Properties of

Cinnabar,Chalcopirite and Ilmenite

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Cinnabar is a mercury sulphide mineral found in

hydrothermal veins
Physical Properties

Formula :HgS
Colour :Tint or shade of red
System :Trigonal
Lustre :Metallic
Diaphaneity (Transparency):Transparent
Streak :Red-brown to scarlet
Hardness (Mohs):2 - 2
Fracture:Irregular/Uneven, Sub-Conchoidal
Density:8.176 g/cm3
Industrial Uses :Principal ore of mercury. Used as a
cosmetic pigment in ancient times.
Cinnabar Identification Tips

Cinnabar can be recognised by its red colour, red

streak, adamantine lustre of cinnabar and very
high density. In this section it has very high relief,
red colour, and creamy high order birefringence

Chalcopyrite is a common mineral in hydrothermal

deposits and is also found as a common accessory
mineral in basic and ultrabasic igneous rocks. It can
also be found within sediments and is common in
secondary enrichment zones of many ore deposits.

Colour:Brass yellow, often with an iridescent
Diaphaneity (Transparency):Opaque
Streak:Greenish black
Hardness (Mohs):3 - 4
Density:4.1 - 4.3 g/cm3
Industrial Uses:It is the principal ore of copper.
Identification Tips

Chalcopyrite can be recognised by its brassy yellow

colour. It can be distinguished from pyrite since its
colour is often more distinctly yellow, it has a lower
hardness and has a tetragonal symmetry.
Chalcopyrite also forms botryoidal or reniform
masses. Lamellar and interpenetration twins are
relatively common.

Scapolite is observed in thermal and regional

metamorphic rocks with carbonate-bearing or
gabbroic protoliths. It is also observed in skarns. In
altered gabbros it replaces plagioclase. It has also
been reported from granulites and schists.

Ilmenite is a common accessory mineral in basic

igneous rocks and in many metamorphic rocks. It is
also commonly part of the heavy mineral fraction of
clastic sedimentary rocks.
SeriesFormula : Fe2+Ti4+O3
System :Trigonal
Lustre :Metallic, Sub-Metallic
Colour : Iron black or black
Transparancy : Opaque
Streak : Black Red Black
Hardness : 5-6 Mohs

Tenacity: Brittle
Cleavage: None Observed
Density :4.68 - 4.76 g/cm3
Industry Uses: Ilmenite is the most important ore of
the element titanium. It has recently surpassed
Rutile as the main ore mineral of that metal.
Ilmenite was once used as a minor ore of iron prior
to the discovery of titanium as an industrially
important metal.
Identification Tips

Ilmenite can be identified by its metallic lustre and

dark colour. Its lath like habit, hen present,
distinguishes it from magnetite. Ilmenite can,
however, from lamellae within magnetite and vice a
versa. The presence of small crystals of magnetite
within ilmenite can make it slightly magnetic.
Hematite can be distinguished from ilmenite by its
lighter streak.