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Introduction to WebSphere Application Server Part 1

Kathy Terry C.D.P., C.C.P.
Worldwide WebSphere Evangelist and Sales Leader

1 2014 IBM Corporation

Learning objectives
Upon completion of this session, you will be able to

Discuss why WebSphere Application Server (WAS) is needed and

how it is used.

Discuss important WAS features, their benefits, and how they are
used to solve client business issues.

Explain how commercial and open source Java application servers

compare to WAS.

Discuss the WAS family editions and licensing options.

2 2014 IBM Corporation

IT today - pressure from all sides

Line of Business
Deliver my new application, quickly

Reduce cost,
Enable Mobile
use what you have,
Expert Systems
meet regulations

Strategy and change

3 2014 IBM Corporation

Java Application Server origins
1995: Mantra for Java was Write once, run everywhere!

Application code (apps) should be platform independent.

Java is platform independent.

Programs written and compiled in Java run similarly on any supported

hardware / operating system platform.

IBM donated part of our development environment to the then new Eclipse
Open Source Community. IBM still uses Eclipse as a foundation for
Rational Application Developer (RAD).

HISTORY: Application Servers are over 40 years old. include CICS, IMS TM etc
applications running companies' business using COBOL, PL/1

4 2014 IBM Corporation

What is an application server?

A platform providing
Application infrastructure based on the Java
Enterprise Edition (JEE) standard.
Integration of data and applications.
A Java runtime environment.

The application server makes possible

The enabling of applications for the Web (internet) so
businesses reach new clients and revenue sources.
The integration of legacy applications, systems and data.
The handling of complex, heterogeneous client environments
for applications.

5 2014 IBM Corporation

What is WebSphere Application Server (WAS)?
Shields the developer - allows them to focus on business logic for Java
applications that will run on any WebSphere Application Server.

Provide Integrate
Host Newly
Access to Existing
Business Java Application Business
Business Logic
Logic Logic and

Written in Java conforming to

Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) standards

6 2014 IBM Corporation

What is WebSphere Application Server (WAS)? (contd)
Shields the developer - allows them to focus on business logic for Java
applications that will run on any WebSphere Application Server.

Application Servers shield the application from platform specifics,

making it easier for the developer to create Java applications.

Provide support for standard services including:

Web Services
Embedded Messaging
Transaction Integrity
Workload Mgmt
Connection Mgmt
High Availability
Systems Mgmt
and more

7 2014 IBM Corporation

Why does a customer need WAS?
The Problem:
The cost of development is rising, but budgets are declining.
It is difficult to deliver high performance and key customer service level
agreements at low cost.
New applications need to make the most of existing applications and services.
There is increasing demand for mobile applications
Developers need to deliver new and custom applications faster than before.

The Solution: WebSphere Application Server

It delivers innovative capabilities to run the business during peak periods.
It supports the latest open standards and programming models to easily add innovative
It enables developers to be productive with integrated tools.
It achieves faster ROI with SOA reusing applications and services.
It enables quick delivery of web based applications for mobile devices, Communications
Enabled Applications (telephony) etc.

8 2014 IBM Corporation

Additional reasons why customers may need WAS
They are running web applications (big and small) supporting JEE standards that can integrate
both data and applications.

Their developers use WAS for unit testing which makes it easier for them to do development
and improve delivery time with less skills.

There are problems/errors when moving between phases of the development life cycle, and
other issues with Open Source (JBoss, TomCat) or Oracle application server competitors.

LOB projects are requiring mobile support now, and they dont have the skills.

Applications need to run seamlessly on all distributed servers and/or z without Java code

Their developers want easy to use latest and greatest wizards, frameworks and toolkits while
operations and system administrators want to improve performance of deployed applications.

Their LOB and executives want high performance applications to meet business needs during
peak demand periods.

WAS limited usage licensing in other products (BPM, IBM Worklight, WebSphere Commerce,
WebSphere Portal, and many business partner solutions) can result in the need for additional
WAS licenses for performance reasons.
9 2014 IBM Corporation
WebSphere Application Server highlights
WAS runs the business - web and mobile applications, telephony support
and more from the smallest to the largest businesses in the world.

Features Benefits
Choice of server runtimes from lightweight and
Fast, flexible, flexible to highly robust and resilient
and simplified Broad programming model support
JEE Standards based Java runtime environment
development Enhanced developer tools

Secure, scalable, highly available runtime

Operational Linear scalability through in memory data grid
Runs on all major platforms
Excellence High performance and near-continuous availability

Exploits mobile and telephony to reach new clients

Ongoing and markets
Develop, test and run on one application platform
Innovation Public and Private cloud enablement
Optimized data access (SQL and NoSQL)
10 2014 IBM Corporation
Web 2.0 and Mobile tools enable anytime, anywhere application access

Support for popular smartphones and

Rapid delivery of outstanding user
experiences through innovative user
interface services

Value for LOB:

Deliver web applications to mobile devices
Reach new clients

Additional benefits:
Reduces overall TCO
Reduces time to market
Delivers attractive user experience
Reduces cost

This toolkit extends WebSphere desktop applications to mobile devices

to satisfy end user demand for better anytime, anywhere access.
11 2014 IBM Corporation
WAS and Communications Enabled Applications (CEA)
Simply and rapidly adding communications capabilities like Click to Call and
Co-browsing to web applications using existing skills and a SOA approach.

Business Value: Improve user experience & satisfaction

to help increase revenue potential & reduce costs

Key features:
Simplicity: 4 lines of code enable any CEA
widget onto an existing or new web application

Widgets: customizable & extensible

Two-way synchronized forms

Click to call
Contact center co-browsing
Peer to peer co-browsing
Peer to Peer Click to Call
Co-Browsing Co-Browsing
Communications Enabled Applications (telephony) video Two-way
Synchronized Forms

LOB use case: Deliver personalized services through application innovation

12 2014 IBM Corporation
Full profile (traditional) WebSphere Application Server

Allows the application developer to focus on business logic

Supports Communications Enabled Applications (as an example)

Provides a set of standardized services
Web services High availability
Embedded messaging Security
Workload management Systems management
Full JEE support Transaction integrity
Shields the application from platform specifics and is JEE
standards based

Full profile WAS does everything, but

- It is very big.
- It is optimized for production operation, not application development.

13 2014 IBM Corporation

WAS Liberty: a very lightweight application server

The following apply to the WAS Liberty profile and WAS Liberty Core:

A focus on development and operations experiences

Small footprint test server runtime

Simplified, shareable configurations

Fastest possible server start-up

Fidelity with full profile WebSphere Application Server editions

(WAS, WAS Express, WAS ND, WAS for z)

Free for developers with no expiration

A focus on web and mobile applications

14 2014 IBM Corporation

WAS Liberty Core edition
WAS Liberty Core is a new WAS edition starting with V8.5.5.

It is the entry point into the WAS family for JEE Web Profile
applications not requiring the full Liberty profile or full profile WAS

It was developed to help streamline test and production scenarios and

reduce costs for system test, QA and production deployments.

It reduces costs compared to buying WAS editions with the Full profile in
order to get the Liberty profile for system test, QA and production.

It includes a subset of the Liberty profile provided in other WAS


It includes all elements of the JEE standard Web Profile specification and
has been certified as compliant with the specification.

It provides a simplified and lightweight application server environment for

web, OSGi and mobile applications that do not need the complete JEE
stack. 2014 IBM Corporation
WAS V8.5.5 editions and their Liberty profile capabilities
WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core
Includes only a Liberty profile that provides JEE Web Profile capabilities

WebSphere Application Server (Base)

Includes a Liberty profile with all capabilities of WAS Liberty Core product
plus support for JMS, Web Services, MongoDB.

WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment

Includes a Liberty profile with all capabilities of the WAS Base Liberty
profile plus support for static clustering of WAS ND servers running the
Liberty profile.

WebSphere Application Server for z

Includes a Liberty profile with all the capabilities of the WAS ND Liberty
profile, plus additional exploitation of System z facilities and Qualities of

16 2014 IBM Corporation

WebSphere Application Server editions
Positioning summary Consider
WAS for z
Systems of Record

Express Base ND
Web + JEE Apps

Full profile Full profile

WAS Base with Web, Java EE apps + High availability

capacity-limited license and extensions + Intelligent mgmt
Secure, high + High scalability
(480 PVUs per server) performance
transaction engine and more
Systems of Engagement
Simple Web Apps

Liberty Core Liberty profile Liberty profile

included w/ Base included w/ ND

Web, mobile, OSGi apps Everything in Liberty Core + Enterprise class

(Web Profile spec) + Java messaging clustering
Subset of Liberty profile + Web services + Topology management

Handful of servers Dozens of servers Hundreds of servers

Hundreds of concurrent users Thousands of concurrent users

17 2014 IBM Corporation

WebSphere Application Server for Developers
It is downloadable from IBM developerWorks web site.
It is Free for use by developers on their desktops for unit testing.
Support is provided when customer has any WAS edition with current
S&S (Subscription and Support).
WebSphere eXtreme Scale (elastic caching) is also downloadable and
free for developer use.

Liberty Full
profile profile WAS for eXtreme Scale
Developers Liberty profile
Web Java EE +
Profile extended
EJB Lite models WebSphere
Application Server
Developer Tools
for Eclipse

18 2014 IBM Corporation

Elastic caching entitlements with WAS
Some WAS editions include entitlement for WebSphere eXtreme Scale.
WAS ND V8.5.5 and later versions include full entitlement to WXS.
WAS Base V8.5.5 and later versions include entitlement to WXS for http
session management and WAS DynaCache replacement use cases
This provides more flexibility for customers purchasing WXS.
When WXS is being installed on same production hardware as WAS
Base or WAS ND, there is no charge (no PVUs are needed).

Example: WXS deployment in a new data caching tier more PVUs are needed
Web Server Tier App Server Tier In Memory Data Grid Back-end Systems
Database Tier

WebSphere eXtreme Scale Entitlement by Edition Entitlement to WXS is needed for these servers.
WAS ND = Unlimited
WAS Base = HTTP Session and DynaCache
Customers can purchase WAS or WXS PVUs.
19 for z/OS = WXS client on z/OS 2014 IBM Corporation
WAS Express & WAS Liberty Core = Not Available
How does WAS compare to the competition?

IBM middleware running on POWER 8 beats Oracle middleware

running on SPARC T5 Servers by 1.7x on a per core level.
Comparison is based on latest WebLogic v12.1.2 and WAS v8.5.5.2
SPECEnterprise 2010 results.
20 2014 IBM Corporation
WAS Liberty profile application startup and footprint

DayTrader3 is an update of the

Apache DayTrader benchmark
for Java EE 6 using web and EJB
technologies, JPA and JMS.

Liberty profile starts DayTrader3

in half the time it takes JBoss,
and in one fifth the time it takes

Note: Apache Tomcat is only a servlet

container and cannot run this workload
without the addition of additional
System Configuration:
SUT: T60p ThinkPad Windows XP 32-bit
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU @ 2.16 GHz [2 cores] 2MB L2, 2GB RAM
IBM JDK 7 sr4fp1ifix-20130404 used with Liberty
Oracle JDK 7 su21 used for other products
21 2014 IBM Corporation
Open source competitive positioning summary
Systems of Record

Web + JEE Apps

Free WAS Migration

Web, Java EE apps
and some extensions
Migrate from Oracle,
- Compares with WAS TomCat, JBoss
- Higher TCO
Systems of Engagement
Simple Web Apps

Tomcat tc Server
Java Servlet, Java Server Based on Tomcat
pages container - User may add services
- User may add services Added features
to expand capabilities + Web Console
(ex. OpenJPA) + Spring support
+ VM and cloud ($)

Handful of servers Dozens of servers Hundreds of servers

Hundreds of concurrent users Thousands of concurrent users

22 2014 IBM Corporation

WAS licensing options

PVU (Processor Value Unit) pricing

Fixed term licensing
Sub-capacity licensing
Per user Licensing
Socket pricing
Leverage sales pricing plays and special pricing deals:
Special bids
Enterprise License Agreement
IBM Unlimited License Agreement
Right Fit loyalty program

23 2014 IBM Corporation

Pricing and packaging entry points:
Systems of Engagement / simpler web apps
Entry points: Simple web apps Web Apps requiring Web Apps requiring highest
Messaging, Web Services scalability and centralized
and HTTP session admin
management (WXS)

WAS Edition Lead with WAS Liberty Core Lead with WAS Base Lead with *WAS ND and Liberty
(Liberty profile) (Liberty ND components +
Price $26 PVU $52 PVU If needed do a special bid for
$649 per 20 user license $13,300 /socket discount off WAS ND
Value Liberty Core provides a lower cost WAS Base provides an WAS ND and Liberty provides
Proposition lightweight and dynamic application advanced, flexible runtime centralized light weight admin for
server to rapidly build and deliver web environment for applications large scale environments. It offers
apps that do not require the full Java EE and services. It is designed enterprise scaling for web
stack. for medium-to-large applications and WebSphere
businesses and includes full eXtreme Scale with distributed
Java EE capabilities and cache and data grid capabilities
lightweight Liberty profile for for modern applications.
moderately scaled web
application deployments.
Audience Software Developers Software Developers, System IT Managers, CIO, CTO
Administrators, IT Managers
Key Strengths Dynamic server profile, start fast, web & Easy to use, high Centralized light weight
mobile support, high performance, performance, additional management, clustering,
integrated tools, unzip install & deploy, programming model support, enterprise scaling elastic caching,
extensible, embeddable, with fidelity to security, IDE tooling unlimited load balancing and
higher editions of WAS as needed HTTP routing.

Deployment Complexity
24 2014 IBM Corporation
Pricing and packaging entry points:
Systems of Record / full Java EE apps
Entry points: Web and Java EE apps Core business apps requiring
highest availability and
transactional integrity

WAS Edition Lead with WAS Base Lead with WAS ND

Price $52 PVU $196 PVU Also consider WAS for z
and WAS for Linux on z
$13,300 /socket
Term based pricing (FTL Option)
Value Proposition: WAS Base provides an advanced, WAS ND provides an advanced,
flexible runtime environment for flexible runtime environment for
applications and services. It is transaction intensive deployments. It
designed for medium-to-large offers enterprise scaling and near-
businesses and includes full Java EE continuous availability for business
capabilities and lightweight options for critical applications.
moderately scaled web application
Audience Software Developers, System IT Managers, CIO, CTO
Administrators, IT Managers
Key Strengths: Resiliency, high performance, Highly secure and resilient server
additional programming model with centralized config &
support, administration, advanced management, clustering, enterprise
security, diagnostics, IDE tooling scaling, intelligent management,
elastic caching, advanced
programming model support,
unlimited load balancing and HTTP
Deployment Complexity
25 2014 IBM Corporation
WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5 benefits
To address these challenges: WAS provides these benefits:

Economic budget constraints It is the best performing, lowest TCO

Delivering web apps for mobile platform to run mission critical applications.
devices with limited development skills It provides full code fidelity when moving
Lowering operational costs and from lowest cost to highest performing WAS.
reduce complexity Clients can start small and easily move up
without migration issues.
Reducing encountered errors when
It provides a competitive edge by helping
moving code through from unit to customers bring new IT services and
system test, QA and then into business applications to market faster,
production using features such as the Web 2.0 and
Lack of top developer skills Mobile Toolkit, CEA, etc.
Constant change reducing It enables right sizing to customer needs.
development and project delivery It provides the ability to meet on demand
timelines business growth.
Overcoming competitive threats by It improves business flexibility by making
leveraging cloud, expert integrated application services more reusable and
systems and new technologies accessible for users in new ways.
It is free for developers to use for unit
The Migration Toolkit helps when moving from
Whitepaper: Total Economic Impact competitive app servers or older WAS
WAS Migrating From An Open versions to current versions.
Source Environment It is a key technology in IBM cloud, mobile and
expert integrated system platforms.
26 2014 IBM Corporation
WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5 value propositions

It provides the Lowest TCO compared to open source and other competitors.
Customers can use just the right WAS at lowest cost with full fidelity
assured throughout the WAS family including the highest performance
offerings of WAS Network Deployment and WAS for z.
Customers have entitlement to WebSphere eXtreme Scale with some WAS
editions. WXS improves performance and scalability, reduces response time,
and prevents lost http sessions (i.e. shopping carts).
Free WAS and tools are available for developer desktops, as well as a free
application migration utility.
Liberty delivers faster testing and easy deployment of web apps. It restarts
in less than 3 seconds (faster than JBoss), which is important for developer test
WAS 8.5.5 provides significant performance benefits over previous releases
and over all of our competitors.
It supports innovations including mobile enablement of web apps and support
for Communications Enabled Applications, thereby enabling delivery of LOB
solutions with less developer skills.
27 2014 IBM Corporation
Learning points
WAS is Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) standards-based. It integrates data and applications, and
provides a Java runtime environment. Business pressures on IT today that lead to needing WAS
include: delivering new applications quickly, reducing costs, and enabling web applications for mobile.

WAS offers the highest performing, lowest Total Cost of Ownership platform to run mission critical
applications. WAS includes the Web 2.0 and Mobile toolkit. It also supports Communications Enabled
Applications in the full profile (traditional) WAS.

WAS, WAS Express, WAS Network Deployment (WAS ND) and WAS for z include the full & Liberty
profiles. Some WAS 8.5.5 editions include entitlements for elastic caching.

WAS 8.5+ Liberty profile provides very fast install, small footprint and quick start/stop times. It is
designed for developers building web and mobile apps that dont need full JEE support. Liberty profile
can also be used at runtime but in a system test, QA or production environment WAS, WAS
Express, WAS ND or WAS for z licenses must be purchased (giving customers the ability to use
either the Full or Liberty profile). There is full fidelity from smallest to largest WAS edition, and one can
develop on Liberty and then deploy using Liberty or full profile WAS.

A new WAS product edition, WAS Liberty Core, provides a subset of the Liberty profile to support
JEE web profile specification capabilities only. The WAS full profile is NOT included. It installs
quickly, has a small footprint and quick start/stop times. WAS Liberty Core is a lower cost way to get
system test, QA and/or production runtimes for simple web and mobile apps.

Open source competitors include JBoss, Tomcat and Pivotal tc Server. Oracle is also a
competitor, especially on the high end. WAS Liberty starts in half the time of JBoss (great for developer

WAS is free for developers to use for unit testing on their desktops. Developers get a subset of
RAD the WAS Developer Tools for Eclipse that supports web and mobile development along with
the ability to use WAS Full profile and/or WAS Liberty profile for unit testing. They can also download
and use elastic caching (WebSphere eXtreme Scale) for free to test their applications. It is very easy to
use the Liberty profile with elastic caching in the development environment.
28 2014 IBM Corporation
Where can I get more information?
WAS Liberty Video - Built for Cloud & Open Architectures

WAS 8.5.5 Video

IBM Internal Sales Kit

Business Partner Sales Kit

Communications Enabled Applications (Telephony) videos:
Contact Center Co-Browsing video:
Peer to Peer Co-Browsing video:

IBM developerWorks download site for WAS profiles (Liberty or full) so developers can
unit test application code on their desktop

FREE WAS Migration toolkit - migrates from Oracle, TomCat, JBoss and also
older WAS licenses to new WAS Versions:
29 2014 IBM Corporation
Where can I get more information? (contd)

Social Media: Blog by Roman Kharkovski

WAS TCO whitepapers:

WAS v8.5 vs. JBoss Enterprise Application Platform V6 -- TCO Analysis

WAS v8.5 vs. VMware vFabric tc Server v2.8 -- Technical and TCO Analysis

Total Economic Impact WAS Migrating From An Open SourceEnvironment

30 2014 IBM Corporation