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Introduction to WebSphere Application Server Part 2

Kathy Terry C.D.P., C.C.P.

Worldwide WebSphere Evangelist and Sales Leader

1 2014 IBM Corporation

Learning objectives
Upon completion of this session, you will be able to

Discuss why WebSphere Application Server advanced features are

needed and how they are used.

Discuss how the Intelligent Management and Java Batch capabilities

of WAS Network Deployment and WAS for z are used to solve client
business problems.

Discuss important benefits and features that help to increase your

WAS sales opportunities.

Use the hype and market growth of mobile and cloud for increased
WAS sales opportunities.

Compete more effectively against other application servers.

2 2014 IBM Corporation

WebSphere infrastructure capabilities and client value

Application Infrastructure (WAS)

Efficiently deliver applications and services with robust
performance, transactional integrity, maximum security and control
while optimizing costs. Drive down operational costs with
virtualized or cloud-based application infrastructures with optimal
response time.

WAS References
Private cloud & Application optimization (WAS)
application Improved performance and scalability of
virtualization WAS z References
applications with optimized traffic for
(WAS included with mission critical workloads
PureApplication Application foundation (WAS)
System) Foundation for building, deploying and
On-premise cloud intelligently managing any application,
deployment to including Web 2.0 & Mobile, with high
optimize cost and performance, security and control
time to market

3 2014 IBM Corporation

WebSphere application infrastructure

Runtime Tools

IBM PureApplication
Cloud &
Operational SmartCloud Orchestrator (from C&SI)
Management Rational
& Efficiency Application
WAS Hypervisor Edition V8.5.5 Pattern for Developer

Web Mobile

DataPower WAS V8.5.5

Fit for Intelligent Management & Java Batch
Purpose in WAS Network Deployment & z/OS
Application WAS Dev
WebSphere Tools for
Foundation eXtreme Scale (WXS) Entitlements to Elastic Caching Eclipse

IBM JVM Java Virtual Machine Eclipse

4 2014 IBM Corporation

WebSphere Application Server value
Capabilities Business Value
Provides web enablement of Delivers ease of use and portability
applications for the internet
Improved market reach - reach more customers
Standards-based infrastructure and deliver high performance during peak
providing Java runtime demand periods, i.e. Christmas season for retail.
environment for web (internet)
applications Delivers a high performance on demand engine
for running the business.
Exploits mobile to reach new clients and
markets - delivers web apps to mobile devices
Engine for many IBM offerings reaching new markets and scaling on demand.
across SWG including
PureApplication System and Provides reuse with a high performance engine
Mobile including business transaction integrity for better
customer satisfaction and improved service.
Runs on all major platforms
from distributed servers to System Easy to move from small start-up size to the
z largest implementation without change thus
reducing risk and costs over time.
5 2014 IBM Corporation
WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5 family
WAS ND and WAS for z include Intelligent Management and Java Batch
WAS ND has full entitlement to WebSphere eXtreme Scale

WAS for z Intelligent Mgt

Java Batch
Application Complexity and Scalability

WAS Network Deployment Highest


Full profile Moderate Apps

Lightweight apps
Liberty profile Java Messaging Svcs
Web Services

Liberty Core
Web App

Target competitors with Liberty, WAS for Developers, and our high end capabilities:
Intelligent Management, Elastic Caching and Java Batch.
6 2014 IBM Corporation
WebSphere Application Server ND V8.5+ and WAS for z V8.5+
Customer Issues: Benefits:
Web sites with slow response Minimizes I/T operational costs
times and lost shopping carts
Reduces operational management overhead and
Budget pressure to reduce
operational management costs and
complexity while flexing to meet on demand peak
complexity business needs
Errors introduced moving from unit Delivers Intelligent Management, Health
to system test, QA and then into Management and Application Version Management
production along with dynamic ability to scale up and down on
High costs due to low utilization of demand during peak periods at lowest cost
application servers and inability to
meet peak demands i.e. Christmas
Provides Java Batch support for applications and
retail season works with other common job schedulers. Allows batch
and online applications to run at the same time
Need for Java Batch support for end
providing higher server utilization.
of day, week, month or quarter.
Examples: reconciling and reporting Entitlements to elastic caching to help improve
transactions, payment processing, response time and eliminates lost shopping carts
billing, stock control etc.
Slow response times when using
Meets business needs for ultimate flexibility to deliver
very large databases and/or large Service Level Agreements
numbers of clients/users Full fidelity when moving from WAS in development
Service Level Agreements not being testing to System Test, QA and production to highest
met performing WAS ND and WAS for z. No Java code
Hard to rollout new application migration required.
7versions without user impact 2014 IBM Corporation
Intelligent Management in WAS ND & WAS for z
Capabilities introduced in Version 8.5

Application Edition Server Health SLA based Intelligent

Management Management Dynamic Clustering Routing and SLA
StockTrading 1.0

StockTrading 2.0

StockTrading 3.0

Up to 45% less hardware

Up to 90% fewer outages
Up to 45% less software
Up to 60% less administration
Source: Based on 60+ Operations Optimization Value Assessments done to date by IBM for real customers. Cost reductions are compared to traditional WAS ND deployment

8 2014 IBM Corporation

Application Edition Management
Seamless upgrades from one version to the next

Seamless upgrades without interruption

Deploy new applications easily

Test a specific version with a select group

of users

Business Value

Easy validation of new versions

Supports rolling upgrades

More agile and flexible deployments

9 2014 IBM Corporation

Health Management
Preventive action avoids outages

Proactively deal with application issues before they

become acute problems automatically

Health conditions and associated corrective actions

Examples: memory leaks, slow response times, etc.

Provides insight!

Business Value:

Better availability

Less administration

Satisfied end users

10 2014 IBM Corporation

Health Management and health policies
Mitigate common health problems before outages occur

Health policies can be

defined for common server
health conditions.

When a health policy's

condition is true, corrective
action executes automatically
or requires approval.
Notify administrator
Capture diagnostics Health Conditions
Restart server Excessive request timeouts: % of timed out requests
Excessive response time: average response time
Excessive garbage collection: % of time spent in GCs
Application server restarts Excessive memory: % of maximum JVM heap size
are done in a way that Age-based: amount of time server has been running
prevents outages and service Memory leak: JVM heap size after garbage collection
policy violations. Storm drain: significant drop in response time
Workload: total number of requests
11 2014 IBM Corporation
Dynamic Workload Management part 1
A normal day at an insurance company

Cluster 1 Cluster 2 Cluster 3






20% Utilized Servers 15% Utilized Servers 10% Utilized Servers

Claims Processing Account Management Billing Application

12 2014 IBM Corporation

Dynamic Workload Management part 2

Hurricane causes a huge increase in claims

Cluster 1 Cluster 2 Cluster 3






75% hits Servers
Utilizedthe coast:
Servers 15% Utilized Servers 10% Utilized Servers
100% Utilized Servers
Denial of Service
Gold Silver Bronze

Claims Processing Account Management Billing Application

Claims Duration: 15% over target

Customer Complaints: 25% over target
13 2014 IBM Corporation
CSR Efficiency: 30% below target
Dynamic Workload Management part 3
Business results:

Improved application
performance at lower

Optimal throughput &

One Resource Pool
Optimal server

Satisfied end users


Lower energy costs


55%* Utilized Servers address green


Claims Processing Gold Account Management Silver Billing Application Bronze

Customer Support Gold Underwriting Silver

* Hypothetical, for illustrative purposes only

14 2014 IBM Corporation
Summary: Value propositions for WAS Intelligent Management

1. Seamless upgrades of applications v1
Application versioning reduces outages ODR


2. Preventive action avoids outages

Health management

3. Enables peak usage at lower cost

Dynamic workload management
No longer need to provision for peak
usage Dynamic Workload Mgt

15 2014 IBM Corporation

WAS Intelligent Management proven results with BVAs
Business Value:
Provides extreme resiliency to meet peak workload demands while
enhancing business responsiveness and reducing costs.

Attractive to C-level Executives and System Administrators

Server Consolidation Insurance Company

$4M+ saving over 5 yrs Reduce TCO 25%
40% reduction in TCO Manage peaks and growth
within existing servers

Large Manufacturer Company Intranet

Improved application resilience
20% - 30% reduction in server,
Cost savings of 25%
software and admin costs Manage peak load situations

Conduct Business Value Assessments to prove Return on Investment (ROI)

16 2014 IBM Corporation
WAS Java Batch: What is it?
WAS Network Deployment and WAS for z V8.5 and later releases
include the WebSphere Compute Grid for Java Batch

Batch is an IT metaphor for asynchronous bulk processing

Batch processing dramatically increases workload efficiency
IT is used to support end of day, week, month or quarter processing.
Business examples - reconciling and reporting transactions,
payment processing, billing, stock control, etc.

Satisfies developer and system administrator requirements

Model Job Definition Batch Operations
Runs on all WAS V8.5
and later

17 2014 IBM Corporation

Dedicated Batch Window is going away
Periods of time previously dedicated to batch processing are shrinking.
The demands of online processing require more and more:

24 x 7 x 365 Access
Users of your online systems
expect availability at all hours.
Users from other parts of the
world means availability is
expected around the clock.

In the past ... Today ...

Online Online
Mobile Users
Users are no longer tied to a
desk and a computer. Today
Batch Batch users have access to mobile
computing devices that are
with the user wherever they
may be at any time.

The need to process batch work has not gone away.

The need to run batch work concurrent with OLTP
(Online Transaction Processing) has emerged.
18 2014 IBM Corporation
Benefits delivered by WAS Java Batch
Lower TCO: Concurrent execution of batch & online transaction
processing (OLTP) workloads using shared business logic on a
shared infrastructure.
Higher throughput and lower resource consumption on z/OS when
co-located with data subsystems.
Enhanced developer productivity: Pre-integrated application
framework, Java Batch programming model and tools

Quickly develop and deploy batch applications

Dramatically reduce infrastructure and operational costs
19 2014 IBM Corporation
An example of the need for WAS Java Batch
High latency issues require more cycle time

Without WAS Java Batch

User submits cart

Validation 1

Validation 2

Validation 3

Item Validation
Shopping Cart Application
Validation 4

Even a handful of
validations takes lots of

20 2014 IBM Corporation

Optimized WAS Java Batch = Improved Performance

With WAS Java Batch

User submits cart


Validation 1
Validation 2
Validation 3
Validation 4

Container managed
Shopping Cart Java Batch for Item
Application validations

Result: Reduced LATENCY

with hundreds of
validations returned
in a split second

21 2014 IBM Corporation

Summary: WAS Intelligent Management and Java Batch
Better TCO through management efficiency and performance

Intelligent Management - part of WAS ND 8.5+ and WAS for z 8.5+

Application Edition
Management Enables interruption-free application rollout.

Health Management Monitors the status of your applications with the

ability to sense and respond to problem areas.

Dynamic Clustering Dynamically provisions and starts/stops new

instances of app server based on workload

Intelligent Routing Ensures priority is given to business critical

applications via administrator defined rules.

Java Batch part of WAS ND 8.5+ and WAS for z 8.5+

Batch processing Leverages your existing Java online transaction
Batch processing (OLTP) infrastructure to support new
Java Batch workloads.

22 2014 IBM Corporation

Summary: Capabilities of WAS Liberty Core, WAS, WAS ND
WAS Liberty WAS (Base) WAS ND
Capability Core Liberty
Full profile
Full profile
profile profile
Web Profile (subset of Liberty Profile) -
Simple web applications, mobile and Dynamic X X X X X
Framework - OSGi
Fidelity moving from Liberty to full WAS X X X X X
Optional provisioning & management through
WAS ND job manager
Web Tier Load Balancing and Failover Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Collective Ctr
Enterprise-Class Clustering Mgt X
Allows 3rd party extensions to Liberty features X X X
Easier install X X X
Collectives: (1) Membership,
(2) Management (Controller) X(1) X(1) X(1,2)

Web Services, Java Messaging Services and

Full Java Enterprise Edition (+ Full Enterprise
Java Beans, Telephony, Java Batch and more
Intelligent Management (Dynamic Clustering,
Edition Management., Health Policy)

WAS and WAS ND Editions include Full (traditional) WAS Profile & the Liberty Profile

WAS Liberty Core includes ONLY the Web Profile subset of the Liberty Profile
23 2014 IBM Corporation
Software Group
WebSphere Application Server for z/OS and Linux for z
Right Fit

WAS for z/OS Intelligent Mgt


Application Complexity and Scalability

WAS Network Deployment Performance
Private Cloud - WAS ND Hypervisor Edition
Linux for z

Full profile Moderate Apps

Lightweight apps
Liberty profile Java Messaging Svcs
Web Services

Liberty Core
Web App

WAS full profile & Liberty profile are free for unit testing on developers workstations.
24 2014 IBM Corporation
Software Group
WebSphere for z/OS Liberty profile
WebSphere Application Server for z/OS v8.5+ delivers the Liberty profile, a
lightweight composable server runtime with extensions for exploiting z/OS

Key value delivered: Customer Feedback

A simplified and reduced configuration It has to be a demo trick,
it cant start that fast. Its
Leverages z/OS Qualities of Service - transaction like the moon landing it
never happened!
management, workload management, and security
I can see how I can
Simplifies the transition from development to include WAS for z/OS in
operations my cloud now.
Starts in < 3 seconds
Memory footprint: < 50MB
WAS 8.5.5
Liberty profile

25 2014 IBM Corporation

Software Group
WebSphere for System z
Platform integration provides unique advantages

Traditional n-tier architectures

Presentation tier Business tier Data tier

3 tiers are common (lots of I/Os takes TIME)
Benchmark Configuration Avg CPU time / EJB Data transferred per EJB
transaction(ms) transaction(KB)
Remote Business Logic 11.73 ms 54.4 KB Data Transferred
26 2014 IBM Corporation
Software Group
Advantages of data co-location using WebSphere for z/OS

WebSphere for System z 2 tier architecture

> 77% Reduction in CPU Time


> 99% Less Data Transferred per EJB Transaction

Presentation tier Business tier Data tier

Benchmark Configuration Avg CPU time / EJB Data transferred per EJB
transaction(ms) transaction(KB)
Local Business Logic From 11.73 to 2.6 From 54.4 to 0.5
27 2014 IBM Corporation
Software Group
Comparing z/OS, Linux for z and distributed (zBX)

Mixed workloads (DB2,

Best Better Good
CICS, IMS, WAS, etc.)

Unpredictable workload Best Better Good

spikes (High Trans. Apps)

Standalone workloads
Good Better Best
(HTTP, file serving, Web
Services, DataPower zXI52)
Need low network latency
(Backend data / app access) Best Better Good

Speedy deployment (ISP Good Best Good

packages, departmental
systems, etc.)
z/OS z/Linux zBX

28 2014 IBM Corporation

Software Group
WebSphere Application Server on System z Why?
Customer Situation / Issues WAS on z Benefits
Unpredictable volumes need high z platform is specifically exploited by
performance WebSphere.

Need intense scalability and prioritized There are significant advantages to co-
workload management locating WAS with CICS, IMS, DB2 on z.

Stringent security and isolation zEnterprise (new platform) provides for

requirements centralized management across z and
Need to improve processing time and
increase the proximity to enterprise data WAS running on Linux for z provides
or applications (co-location benefits) economic savings.

Customer has a z or is willing to consider Consolidation - moving competitive

consolidation to System z with Linux application servers with the Migration Utility
to WAS for Linux on z lowers costs and
Have competitive application servers and provides enhanced capabilities.
want to reduce costs
Intelligent Management and Java Batch
Customer wants to save money and/or capabilities that are part of WAS for z V8.5
have budget restrictions and above deliver cost savings, customer
application improvements and more options
29 for improving up time. 2014 IBM Corporation
Software Group
Mobile applications and System z

The leader with Systems of Record (z/OS)

z provides easily consumable mobile access to z subsystems
(DB2, CICS, IMS, MQ, etc).
z availability and scalability is crucial for mobile workloads.

Key player with Systems of Engagement (Linux for z)

Satisfies the lifecycle requirements for mobile application
Worklight Studio (free for developers) and Worklight Server
System z cloud is an excellent environment for mobile
Worklight virtual application pattern
zLinux availability and scalability features to handle mobile
z security and encryption features enhance mobile apps
and ensure that mobile apps do not compromise z security.

30 2014 IBM Corporation
Competition: Why WebSphere over Oracle WebLogic?

Lower license costs and lower support costs

Need fewer licenses per terms and conditions
VMware and 3rd party hypervisor support, and sub-capacity pricing
Better performance
Private, public and hybrid cloud capabilities
Autonomic management with SLA enforcement (WAS ND and WAS for z)
Lightweight server runtime Liberty profile & Liberty Core
Unique administrative capabilities (Job Manager)
No extra charge for LDAP, IHS, Caching, WLM, DB2 (limited usage), MQ XA
More programming APIs and languages
Native z/OS support, more diverse OS and DBMS support
Stronger value add-on products (BPM, ESB, Business Rules/Events,
Governance, etc.)
Dedicated migration services team

31 2014 IBM Corporation

Oracle WebLogic Server costs more than WebSphere

Runtime performance Best in the industry 5-50% slower than WAS

Flexible mgmt for large deployments Robust framework No -> Extra admin cost
Manage mixed versions in a single cell Robust admin tooling No -> Extra admin cost
Manage DataPower & HTTP in admin GUI Productive admin tooling No -> Extra admin cost
SOAP & page fragment cache w/ replication Faster performance No -> Extra admin cost
Eclipse toolkit for the Jython admin scripts Productive admin tooling No -> Extra admin cost
Private cloud capabilities Yes via HVE and SCO Limited -> Extra admin cost
SLA, Health and dynamic clustering Included (formerly WVE) No
Production HTTP server included Included No -> Purchase Oracle Web Tier
DB for session persistence included Included No -> Purchase Oracle DBMS
Production LDAP included Included No -> Purchase Oracle Directory
Edge components included Included No -> Purchase Oracle Web Tier
SIP support Included for free in WAS No -> Purchase Oracle CCAS
Portlet API (JSR 286), WSRP 2.0 Included for free in WAS No -> Purchase Oracle WebCenter
Native z/OS, Linux on Power Supported No -> Not supported
Communications enabled applications Supported No -> Build your own
Software hypervisor sub-capacity pricing Pay for CPUs used Pay for all CPUs in a server
Warm backup, cold backup (>10 days) Free Purchase full license
Cold disaster recovery site Free Purchase full license
Support cost 1st year is free, 20% thereafter 22% per year, plus 4% YTY increases
32 2014 IBM Corporation
WAS vs. JBoss: license cost comparison of additional components


Management and monitoring Included Included $280 / core / year (JBoss JON)
JON configuration DBMS n/a n/a ~ $3,750 / CPU / year (PostgreSQL)
Hardware for the JON database n/a n/a ~ $10,000 + support (3rd party)
Load Balancer Extra $ Included ~ $20,000 / device + support (3rd party)
Dynamic content caching proxy Extra $ Included $5,000 / server / year (JBoss EWS)
Page fragment & POJO caching Included Included ~ $1,000 / server / year (3rd party)
HTTPSession persistence DBMS Included Included ~ $3,750 / CPU / year (PostgreSQL)
LDAP Included Included ~ $9,000 / server / year (3rd party)
JDK Included Included OpenJDK is only supported on RHEL
HTTP Server Included Included $2,500 / server / year (JBoss EWS)
App Server Hardware $X $X $X + 60% (due to lower performance)

33 2014 IBM Corporation

TCO study: WAS ND 8.5 vs. Red Hat JBoss EAP v6
Conclusion: JBoss is 35% more expensive over
5 years compared to WAS ND

RedHat as
TCO Category IBM Red Hat
% of IBM
Hardware $ 2,060,934 $ 3,114,308 151%
Training $ 84,375 $ 171,998 204%
Software License $ 2,623,920 $ - 0%
Software Support $ 2,008,815 $ 1,821,316 91%
Application Management $ 759,492 $ 2,570,500 338%
Infrastructure Management $ 1,533,834 $ 2,301,566 150%
Risk and Downtime $ - $ 2,268,548 n/a
Total $ 9,071,370 $ 12,248,235 135%

34 2014 IBM Corporation

Source: Based on the study by Prolifics, December 2012
Application Migration Toolkit
Migrate applications from older WAS releases (v5.1, v6.0, WAS W O
v7.0,v8.0 L A Tomcat
v6.1, v7.0 and v8.0) to newer releases (v7.0, v8.0 or v8.5.x). AS
v6.x/5.x S S

Migrate from Oracle (WebLogic & OracleAS), JBoss or

Tomcat to WebSphere faster and more easily.
Migrate applications 2x as fast WAMT
Migrate web services 3x as fast

Tool programmatically scans customer application source

code and identifies the changes required. Application
In many cases the tool can make the application change Server
itself, for other cases it provides guidance on how to
make the change. v7.0, v8.0, or v8.5.x
Tool generates reports to assess the migration task.

You can ease the migration process and speed time to value
with the free toolkit.

Now easier then ever before to migrate applications to

WebSphere Application Server v7.0, v8.0 or v8.5.x.
35 2014 IBM Corporation
Mobile growth - WAS and elastic caching
WebSphere Application Servers provide high availability, high quality of service
and superior performance for mobile application needs.

DMZ App Server Tier Back-end

Elastic Cache Tier

WAS Liberty
or DataPower XC10 for
Single WAS full profile simple for simple
Sign on cluster data oriented

HTTP session
Elastic DynaCache
Mobile Transactions Web side cache

IBM HTTP eXtreme Scale for

Server maximum flexibility
covering data and
application oriented

WAS includes the Web 2.0 and Mobile Toolkit you can take web apps and move
to Mobile. IBM Worklight is needed for exploiting native on device capabilities.
2014 IBM Corporation
PureApplication System for cloud application workloads
Spin up WAS environments in minutes


Deploy Software

Patterns enable very rapid deployment of

pre-optimized cloud app workloads.

The IBM Web Application (webapp) pattern Monitoring

is included in PureApp System; it includes Management

capabilities from WAS and WXS.

WAS Hypervisor Edition (WAS ND

engineered to run in a VM) pattern is
included with PureApp System also.

Consider discussing PureApp in WAS

37 2014 IBM Corporation
version-to-version migration situations.
Summary: Why customers want WAS ND and WAS for z
Common WAS Use Cases:
Web applications and free WAS runtimes for developer use in unit testing
Migration from Open Source or other competitors to improve performance and
reduce costs
High performance projects for mobile (web), communications enabled
applications and more
Delivering high performance applications to meet business needs during peak
demand periods
WAS limited usage licensing in many other stack products can necessitate
additional WAS licenses for performance reasons.

Delivered benefits are

High performance and heightened flexibility using Intelligent Management
health management, dynamic clustering, application edition management and
intelligent routing.
The ability to handle Java Batch with ease working with common job schedulers.
Economic savings through higher utilization and ability to meet business
workload spikes (dynamic application server deployments on demand) at lower
The ability to keep applications running despite problems during peak demand
periods at lower cost.
38 2014 IBM Corporation
Learning points
Application infrastructure with WebSphere Application Server efficiently delivers
robust performance, transactional integrity, maximum security and control to client
applications while optimizing costs.

Intelligent Management is included for free with WAS Network Deployment (WAS ND)
V8.5+ and WAS for z V8.5+ providing policy controlled, Dynamic Workload Mgt, Health
Management and Application Edition Management. Intelligent Management provides
business value by enabling extreme resiliency to meet peak workload demands while
enhancing business responsiveness and reducing costs.

Java Batch is also included with WAS for z V8.5+ and WAS ND V8.5+ at no additional
cost. It supports bulk processing at end of day, week, month or quarter. Examples:
reconciling & reporting transactions, payment processing, billing, stock control etc.

Leveraging the hype around mobile by moving web applications to mobile with the
WAS Web 2.0 and Mobile Toolkit. IBM Worklight is used for native device exploitation.
Worklight servers may need more WAS licenses and potentially elastic caching as mobile
usage grows in order to perform and deliver acceptable response times for users.

WAS Hypervisor Edition (WAS ND engineered to run in a Virtual Machine) is included

with IBM PureApplication System. Leverage PureApplication System in scenarios where
customers need or plan to migrate to the latest version of WAS.

Target competitors like Oracle WebLogic, JBoss, and Tomcat by leveraging the Liberty
profile, WAS for Developers at no charge for unit testing on the desktop, and our high end
capabilities such as Intelligent Management and Java Batch.
39 2014 IBM Corporation
Where can I get more information?

WAS ND video

WAS Liberty video - Built for Cloud & Open Architectures

WAS 8.5.5 video

IBM Internal sales kit for WAS

IBM Business Partner sales kit for WAS

40 2014 IBM Corporation