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The lamp is the fishbowl.

The picture is ON the wall.

The door is NEXT

TO the picture.
The picture is BETWEEN The door is FAR
the window and the door. FROM the fishbowl
(FAR FROM: long
The fish is IN the fishbowl. distance)
The fishbowl is ON the table.

The table is ABOVE the cat.

The cat is UNDER the table.

The flowerpot is NEAR the

The table is BEHIND the flowerpot. door. (NEAR: short distance)
The flowerpot is IN FRONT OF the table.
The flowerpot is ON the floor.
Existence or presence of things and
Singular (+, ?, - ) A or AN
There is a cat.
Is there a fish? Yes, there is.
There isnt a dog.

Affirmative in plural:
There are some plants.
Interrogative and negative in plural.
Are there any sofas? No, there arent.
There arent any people.
In interrogative and negative (plural) use ANY before the
There is a coffee table. (central table in the living room)
There isnt a TV.
There is a rug.

There are 2 pictures.

There are 2 sofas and an armchair.
There are some curtains. (SOME in AFFIRMATIVE PLURAL)
There are 2 lamps.
There are some cushions on the sofas.
There arent any people. (ANY in INTERROGATIVE and NEGATIVE)
There are 4 pillows on the bed.
(PILLOW: on the bed CUSHION: on the sofa).

(a / an in SINGULAR, affirmative, interrogative and negative)

Is there a radio? No, there isnt.
Is there a window? Yes, there is.

(ANY in PLURAL, interrogative and negative)

Are there ANY pictures? Yes, there are.
Are there ANY posters? No, there arent.
AFFIRMATIVE There is a mirror. There are SOME magazines.
INTERROGATIVE Is there a mirror? Are there ANY books?
Yes, there is. / No, there isnt. Yes, there are. / No, there arent.
NEGATIVE There isnt a computer. There arent ANY pictures.
Big number : A LOT OF = MANY
Regular number : SOME = A FEW
Small number : FEW
Negative sentence : ANY

There are a lot of cellphones.

There are some pencils.
There are a few dictionaries.
There are few books.
There arent any markers.