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the early 1960's

At what level of proficiency?

What kind of English?

For what the purpose of English?

What is ESP?

English for specific purposes (ESP) refers to the
teaching and learning of English as a second or
foreign language where the goal of the learners is to
use English in a particular area.
(Brian Patridge and Sue Starfield : 2013)

ESP learners need specific and a GE learners the language seek to
limited set of linguistic selection the language for daily use
to perform educational or
professional tasks .

Characteristics of ESP

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Types and Features of ESP
[Carter, David (1983) identifies three types of ESP

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1. English as a Restricted Language

2. English for Academic and Occupational Purposes
3. English with Specific Topics
English for EAP
Science and or
This type is concerned with
The language used by air Technology EOP anticipating future English
traffic controllers or by (EST)
waiters are examples of needs. For instance, inventors
English as a restricted English for requiring English for attending
language Business and EAP
ESP Economics or conferences or working in
foreign institutions

English for EAP

Social Studies or

[Carter, David (1983) identifies three types of ESP

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