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Mouse button
The active (left) button
MOUSE where your index finger
To press active button
To click and hold the
button while you move
the mouse and then
To click the active button
twice in rapid succession
Electronic Spreadsheet Software
Permits the users to work with the
rows and columns of a matrix of data
Spreadsheet is a generic term for
applications, such as Excel, that you
can use to enter, analyze, and
calculate data.
Use to make financial statements,
balance sheets, statistical data analysis
and etc.
Microsoft Excel
It is an electronic spreadsheet software
that allows the user to work with columns
and rows of matrix of data.
It has the ability to hold text, numbers,
formulas and graphics in a worksheet.
It has the ability to produce extensive
charts and presentation graphics. It can
also create, maintain and manipulate
Microsoft Excel Terms
-is a collection of sheets stored
in the same file on a disk
-workbook are the excel files
where your work is stored.
-it can contain up to 255
Microsoft Excel Terms
-are the electronic ledgers in a workbook
where you actually list and analyze data..
-the default number of worksheets in a
new workbook is three

- It has 65,563 rows

- It contains 256 columns (A-Z,AA-AZ,BA,BZ,IA-IV)
- 16,777.216 cells / worksheet
- 16 worksheet in one workbook.
Microsoft Excel Terms
-is the intersection of rows and columns.
-it is where you enter data.
Cell Address
-is the name of the cell based on its column and row
Column heading
-are the gray boxes containing sequential letters at the top
of the worksheet. They can be used to select or identify
Row heading
-are gray boxes containing sequential number along the left
side of the worksheet.
Microsoft Excel Terms
Cell pointer
-is the fat plus sign you see on your screen.
-it is use to allow the user to navigate to the
selected cell or range of cells in a worksheet.
Current Cell
-the active cell is identified by a border. Its
address is showed in the formula bar. Any actions
you perform is performed on the active cell.
-It is the cell in which you are currently working.
Microsoft Excel Worksheet Column Heading

Row Heading
Microsoft Excel Screen
Parts of MS Excel Window
Title bar
- shows you the name of the current wordbook and
contains the standard windows control button.
Menu bar
- you click items on the Excel menu bar to navigate
through all of the programs many features
- Toolbars contain buttons, menus, or combinations of
both that can be used to quickly perform actions in
- allows you to organize the commands in Excel.
Parts of MS Excel Window
Standard Toolbar
- it contains buttons corresponding to the commands
most frequently used in Excel.
Formatting Toolbar
- it contains buttons corresponding to the commands
most frequently used to improve the appearance of a
Formula Bar
- it contains the edit line for working with formulas and
provides information regarding the cell addresses.
- it displays the content of the active cell.
Parts of MS Excel Window
Edit Line
- the edit line is part of the formula bar. It allows you to
change the contents of the active cell, such as formulas,
numbers and text.
Name Box
- it is located at the left end of the formula bar, shows the
address of the current cell or range.
- it displays the cell reference for the active cell.
Sheet Tabs
- it contains the names of the worksheets in a workbook at the
buttom of the working screen. You can click rhe sheet tab to
show their corresponding worksheets.
Parts of MS Excel Window
Status Bar
- the status bar provides information about the
particular information in progress.
Scroll Bar
- are used to view different parts of the
Types of Data
- if the value starts with a number. - or + sign and
contains only numeric characters.
- are constant values containing the following
characters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
-you can type up to 255 characters in a cell.
-number entries are always right justified.
-in entering numbers, you have to enter them
normally without using a comma separator for
thousands, without using currency symbol or
percentage symbol
Types of Data
-entries can include letters only, combination
of letters and numbers, numbers only which
are not used for computation.
-you can type up to 255 characters in a cell.
-text entries are always left justified.
- if the entry begins with the equal (=)
Microsoft Excel

Beginning cell

End cell
Range of cells : <Beginning cell> <End cell>