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Social Media Quiz

1. What is an internet troll?

A. An internet virus
B. Someone who sits under a bridge stealing WiFi
C. Someone who posts rude comments to blogs or internet
2. What is the most popular social media site?

A. Twitter
B. Facebook
C. Instagram
3. How many hours of video footage are uploaded
to YouTube every minute?

A. Seven hours
B. Twelve hours
C. Thirty-Five hours
4. What is the average number of friends that
someone has on Facebook?

A. 75
B. 300
C. 130
5. How much time does the average American
teenager spend on social media per day?
A. 3.8 hours
B. 2.4 hours
C. 1.5 hours
6. Do men or women spend more time on social
A. Men
B. Women
C. Roughly the same
7. What is the most addictive social media
A. Twitter
B. Instagram
C. Facebook
8. What percentage of people ages 18-24 use
social media while in the bathroom?
A. 55%
B. 33%
C. 12%
9. How many Tweets are sent per day?

A. 100 million
B. 25 million
C. 450 million
10. How many Facebook users have zero privacy
A. 12%
B. 5%
C. 25%
11. The average Twitter user follows (or is followed
A. 51 people
B. 33 people
C. 90 people
12. How many people in the US have an
internet addiction?
A. 1 in 5
B. 1 in 8
C. 1 in 10
13. Do more male or female teens prefer to shop
A. Females
B. Males
C. Roughly the same
14. Which website makes the most money?

A. eBay
B. Google
C. Amazon
15. What is the most popular Facebook game?

A. Candy Crush saga

B. FarmVille
C. Pet Rescue Saga
16. What song has the most YouTube hits ever?

A. Gangnam Style- PSY

B. Despacito- Luis Fonsi featuring Justin Bieber
C. Shake it Off- Taylor Swift
17. Which celebrity has the most Twitter
A. Katy Perry
B. Donald Trump
C. Justin Bieber
18. What are the most popular emojis used
on Twitter and Facebook?

A. B. C.
19. What is Colombias favourite emoji to use
in text messages?

A. B. C.
20. Who is the most Googled person in the
A. Adele
B. Donald Trump
C. Justin Bieber
1. C Toll is someone who posts rude comments
2. B- Facebook- 58% of Americans have a Facebook
account ( 15% have Twitter, 12% Instagram)
3. C- 35 hours downloaded in 1 min
4. B- 300 friends on average on Facebook
5. A- teenagers spend 3.8 hours per day on social media
6. B. Women spend more time on social media
7. C. Facebook is the most addictive (23% of Facebook
users check their account at least 5 times per day)
8. B. 33% (Is using social media in the bathroom weird?)
9. C. 450 million Tweets sent per day
10. C. 25% have no Facebook privacy
11. A. 51 people (average Twitter followers)
12. B. 1 in 8 have an internet addiction
13. B. Males prefer to shop online
14. C. Amazon makes the most money
15. A. Candy Crush Saga (most popular game)
16. B. Despacito (4.6 billion views)
17. A. Katy Perry (2. Justin Bieber 3. Barack Obama. Donald Trump number on the
list- sorry)
18. B. Laughing face with tears of joy (15.4% of total usage)
19. C. Heart eyes (followed by laughing face, then heart. Heart is number 1 in UK.)
20. Donald Trump (sadly)