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_ it is a leakage of blood out side the blood
vessels .
_ Blood coming from an open wound
A large amount of bleeding in a short time

Types of bleeding
1- Internal Bleeding
2-external bleeding

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Recognizing External Bleeding
Three types
Capillary (oozing)

Venous (flowing)

Arterial (spurting)

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Response to Bleeding
The body responds naturally to bleeding.
Blood vessel spasm
Severed blood vessels draw back, constrict, and slow
Platelets in blood form clot
Serves as a protective covering for wound

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Stop, Think, then Do!
Remember to keep your
Medical injuries can be
really ugly looking.
Even the worst looking
injuries can be survived.
Dont let the patient see
you lose your cool.

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Care for External Bleeding
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Wear gloves.
Expose wound.
Cover with clean
cloth or gauze.
Apply direct
Elevate the area.

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Care for External Bleeding
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Apply a pressure
bandage or ring
Apply pressure at a
pressure point if
Reassure victim.

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Pressure points

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Nose bleeding (Epistaxis)

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Management of nose bleeds

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Do not

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Internal Bleeding
Skin is not broken and blood is not seen.
Occur as a result of deep wound, violent blow to
the body and from bone fracture
Can be difficult to detect and can be life-
Bleeding stomach ulcers
Lacerated liver
Ruptured spleen
Broken bones (such as femur)

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Recognizing Internal Bleeding
Bright red blood from mouth or rectum or blood in
Non menstrual vaginal bleeding
Vomiting or coughing up blood
Black, foul-smelling stool
Pain, tenderness (sensitivity to pain or pressure)
bruising, or swelling
Broken ribs, bruises over lower chest, rigid abdomen

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Care for Internal Bleeding
Monitor breathing.
If vomiting occurs, roll victim on his or her side.
Treat for shock by raising victims legs.
Seek immediate medical care(call 101).

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A form of internal bleeding
Not life-threatening
Apply an ice pack for 20 minutes.
Raise extremities if no bones are broken
and apply an elastic bandage for

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Black eye

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