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Initial Download for Business Data

R3AS : Start R/3

CRM Initial Load
For Business
Adapter Object

R/3 Inbound Adapter BAPIMTCS Specific Extractor

Inbound Message Flow

Validation Service
R/3 Tables

CRM Application

Outbound Message
CRM Database
BDoc Introduction
BDoc Classes- Overview
sBDoc (Synchronization BDoc)
mBDoc (Messaging BDoc)
Business Documents (BDocs)
CRM Server
Mobile Clients


CRM Server

BDoc David

BDocs acts as a process container for processing Business objects and for transporting them as one
unit instead of having to process/transport several individual table entries.
Business Documents (BDocs)
BDoc type (structure) KNA1


BDoc instance Customer BDoc David

NAME1 = David ( All fields )
NAME2 = Boon Also: insert or
KUNNR = 60078 delete

BDoc message Customer BDoc David . Task = update

Fields CITY1 = New York , Street = 1 Broadway
(Contains only modified fields)

BDocs Type: This is a structure that needs to be defined to each Business object.
BDoc Instance: The BDoc type with all the required fields.
BDoc message: This contains modified fields only. It also includes deleted fields. There will be
one BDoc instance for a Business Object, but there can be multiple BDoc messages (with their
own Ids) for one BDoc instance.
mBDoc (Messaging BDoc)
mBDoc type consists of two parts:
Classical Part /BUPA_HEAD002

This is a mandatory structure.

The BDoc header and segments are
arranged in a hierarchical fashion.
To be modeled with BDoc modeler.
This is used to determine the
receivers of mBDoc messages. BUS_E1_MAIN

Generated structure

This is optional structure.
To be modeled with DDIC
Contains the transaction data.
sBDoc (Synchronization BDoc)
Only used for data synchronization with mobile clients.
sBDoc types contain direct mappings to tables of the consolidated database. sBDoc
types are used to make data persistent in the CDB and to exchange messages
between the CRM Server and mobile clients.
Realignment and dependencies between sBDoc types are supported.

Type, sender, timestamp,

sBDoc structure
Eg. Order
Business Partner Master
Control segment
Error segment
Data segment
Data segment Business Partner