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Making designing better

Software for energy

of buildings and
designing heating and
water supply systems
SANKOMs team

Core of software development team:

Piotr Wereszczyski, M. Sc. former employee of Warsaw University
of Technology

Micha Strzeszewski, Ph. D. employee of Warsaw University of


Piotr Narowski, Ph. D. employee of Warsaw University of


Altogether 18 employees.

Our employees are mainly experience HVAC experts with software

development expertise.
SANKOMs team


introducing procedures for energy conservation and energy auditing in

participating in EU programs for modernization of district heating
systems and dwelling resources,
program for energy audits,
program for analysis of effects of thermal renovation:
total energy savings and cost savings,
selecting the optimal order for thermal renovation procedures,
programs for adjusting existing single- and double pipe heating systems.
SANKOMs intellectual potential:

SANKOM cooperates with:

Leading technical universities in Poland (i.a. in Warsaw, Cracow,

Pozna, Lublin, Rzeszw, Katowice, Wrocaw, Szczecin).

Polish and foreign institutions established for the development of

HVAC industry and energy conservation (i.a. NAPE, ABOK, MAE).

Standardization bodies and ministries in the field of technical

standards and regulations.

Leading manufacturers.

Team members have published over 500 publications in technical


SANKOM obtained status of Developer from Autodesk USA (producer of

AutoCAD software).
Calculations according to Russian Industry Standards (SNIPs)
SANKOMs experience

Experience, service, quality:

More than 25 years of software developing experience.

Representation in Kiev and Minsk with technical support.

Software in many languages (Polish, Russian, English, Czech, Romanian,

Hungarian, Serbian).

SANKOMs products feature certificates of compliance with Russian technical

requirements (ABOK certification).
SANKOMs potential of products
Main programs of Audytor family

NEW Comprehensive program for wide range of thermal calculations

of buildings (heat load, annual energy consumption, humidity
analysis, energy performance, energy performance certificate).

Program for energy performance certificate of buildings

according to Belarusian and Russian requirements.

Program for economic and ecological analysis of different
technical and architectonical solutions of buildings.

Program for graphic design of heating and cooling systems.

Program for graphic design of internal water supply systems.

Program for quick selection of radiators.

SANKOMs potential of products
More than 30 business versions for companies
SANKOMs potential of service

SANKOM introduced and supports servicing about 200 different

versions of programs (OZC, EKO, C.O., H2O, SDG, ENERGO):

language versions,
general versions and business versions for companies.
SANKOMs data bases

More than 45 000 radiators.

More than 12 000 types of accessories.

More than 1 000 types of pipes.

SANKOMs data bases

More than 45 000 radiators.

More than 12 000 types of accessories.

More than 1 000 types of pipes.

More than 300 manufacturers.

European standards

Among others:
EN ISO 13790 Energy performance of buildings Calculation of energy use for space
heating and cooling
EN 12831 Heating systems in buildings Method for calculation of the design heat load
EN ISO 6946 Building components and building elements Thermal resistance and
thermal transmittance Calculation method
EN ISO 100771 Thermal performance of windows, doors and shutters Calculation of
thermal transmittance Part 1: General
EN ISO 13370 Thermal performance of buildings Heat transfer via the ground
Calculation methods
EN ISO 13788 Hygrothermal performance of building components and building elements
Internal surface temperature to avoid critical surface humidity and interstitial
condensation Calculation methods
SNIP standards

Among others:
2.04.05 91* ,






Corporate clients

SANKOM cooperates closely with more than 100 companies

offering radiators, pipes, accessories and other products for
construction and maintenance of heating and internal water supply
Individual clients

SANKOM supports thousands of individual professional

clients with whom we stay in contact by mail, a built-in
message system and training sessions:

energy performance certification experts,

energy auditors

designers of heating systems,

designers of internal water supply systems,

students of technical universities.


Forms of trainings:


hands-on workshops,

on-line trainings (via internet),

dedicated directed training films,

films registered during on-line trainings.

Audytor OZC
Heat Load Calculations
U-values for multi-layer building components


Heat and humidity analysis of building components
Heat load and energy consumption calculations according to
European and Russian standards
Possible extension to cool load calculations
Stand-alone application
with easy to use 2D and 3D editor with many drawing support functions
Automatic conversion from 3D drawings to the calculation model
with 3D visualization
Calculations for large buildings
(several thousand rooms)
Data exchange
with architectural applications in gbXML format

Revit Architecture
Audytor OZC 3D
Data export
to gbXML format
3D visualisation
of a building

3D view
Thermal bridges
Single floor
Building context
Energy performance certificate
according to Polish requirements
Energy performance certificates
according to Belarusian and Russian requirements
Easy transfer of calculation results
from OZC to C.O.
Audytor C.O. 4.0
Import of a building model
from Audytor OZC
Drawing underfloor heaters
Drawing connections to underfloor heaters
Drawing radiators
Connecting pipes to radiators
Diagram of the heating system
Four-pipe systems
Large installations with thousands of receivers

Example: 8700 radiators

3D visualization
Audytor SDG 2.0
Tool for fast selection of convection heaters and
design of underfloor heating
Underfloor heating
Selection of radiators
Detailed overview of materials
Audytor EKO 1.0
Audytor EKO 1.0
Basic features

Economic analysis of different technical and architectural

solutions of buildings (including application of high-efficiency
alternative systems of energy supply).

Analysis of the impact of the selected solutions on the

environment (determination of emissions, equivalent
emissions and emission reductions).
Net present value of global costs
Audytor ENERGO 1.0
Mobile applications
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