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Target audience

We asked 50 people between the ages of 7 to 40 of

different genders and different ethnicities a series
of questions to find out what their interests are
and what they would find appealing in a music
7 to 14
25 to 40 18% For our survey we asked questions to people
22% between 7 and 40 years of age. We decided
that our target audience would be people
between 14 and 25. The reason behind is
because pop genre is mainly liked in people
between the ages of 7 and 25. The reason
people under the age of 14 aren't in my
target audience is because the song explores
14 to 18 themes of depression and suicide that may
28% not be suitable to kids under 14 .
18 to 25
This is the reason why 60% of people from
my survey are aged between the ages of 14
and 25
I asked around the same amount of male
and female. The song explores themes
such as depression and suicide to which
both genders can relate to. The reason
why I asked slightly more men that women
if because after playing the song out to
several people male audience found the
song more appealing and enjoyed more
Male than most female members of the
58% audience
I figured out that ethnicity was not relevant
when it came to people enjoying the song.
As all ethnicities could feel identified with
the themes of this song. And after playing
20% White this song to members of different ethnicities
30% I came to the conclusion that their ethnicity
did not influence their liking of the song. So I
didnt give peoples ethnicity big importance
when asking for their feedback.




Hip hop 25 to 40
18 to 25
14 to 18
0 2 4 6
7 to 14
Music video Appeals