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Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries activities, along with agriculture,

continue to be an integral part of human life since the process of

civilization started.
Owing to conducive climate and topography, Animal Husbandry Sector has
played prominent socio-economic role in India.
They further also play a significant role in generating gainful employment in
the rural sector, particularly among the landless, small and marginal
farmers and women, besides providing cheap and nutritious food to
millions of people.
Livestock production and agriculture are intrinsically linked, each being
dependent on the other, and both crucial for overall food security.
Livestock sector is an important subsector of the agriculture of Indian
It forms an important livelihood activity for most of the farmers,
supporting agriculture in the form of critical inputs, contributing to
the health and nutrition of the household, supplementing incomes,
offering employment opportunities.
Livestock farming acts as a supplementary and complementary
enterprise and is considered as bank on hooves in times of need.
India has vast resource of livestock and poultry, which play a vital role
in improving the socio-economic conditions of rural masses.
There are about 300 million bovines, 65.07 million sheep, 135.2
million goats and about 10.3 million pigs as per 19th Livestock Census
in the country.
As per estimate of NSS 68th Round (July 2011-June 2012) survey on
Employment and Unemployment , 16.44 million workers as per usual
status were engaged in the activities of farming of animals, mixed
farming, fishing and aquaculture.
The Gross Value Added of livestock sector in Indian economy is Rs.
5.60 lakh crore at current basic price (2015-16).
Agriculture contributes 10.5% of total GVA of India while Livestock
has 4.5% share in total GVA.
The share of Gross Value Added of livestock sector to the Agriculture
Sector (Crops, Forestry, Livestock and Fishing) has increased from
21.8% in 2011-12 to 25.7% in 2015-16 at Constant prices.
At Current prices, the share has increased from 21.8% in 2011-12 to
25.8 % in 2015-16.
The milk production in the country was 17.0 million tonnes during
1950-51, which has reached to 163.7 million tonnes during 2016-17.
(10 times increase)
The milk production has increased from 155.5 million tonnes in 2015-
16 to 163.7 million tonnes in 2016-17 registering a growth of 5.3%.
The per capita availability of milk was at 130 gm/day in 1950-51,
which has reached to 352 gm/day in 2016-17.
The per capita availability has sharply increased from 233 gm per day
in 2004-05 to 352 gm per day in 2016-17.
India has worlds 13.16% cattle and 57.10% buffalo population.
India contributed 17.4% milk of the total world milk production in
Only 16% of total cattle and 38.62% of total buffaloes are in-milk in

Average Yield per In-Milk Animal