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It is an equipment

which joins two metals

by heat.
They are used to weld metals together.
- In general, they are used to weld two or more
metals together. They can be used almost for any type
of a metal and there are different welding techniques.

Used for making certain parts stronger.

- Welding can make a certain part of a metal
element stronger, in order to withstand more pressure
and more load.
Repair bodywork on cars
- Most cars are made of metal, at least their
body. They are still used in repairs, commonly needed
by most drivers.

Help you use old part for a longer time

- If some part of components, cracks, you will
have to replace it. Welding machine can weld that part
and use it for a long time. Despite the fact the two parts
will be welded together, they will be strong and
- provide a quick effective method
of welding sheet metals plus wire products
by utilizing individual weld spots in order to
join 2 sheet metal sheets or wire parts
together. A spot welder employs a pair of
electrodes composed of copper bars or
simply welding electrodes, heat is produced
when contact is made fusing the various
components together.
- These are the oldest welding achiness, but they are still used in all
parts of the world. They can be used for steel and cast iron, but with
suitable electrodes, they can be used for stainless steel as well.


- They are practical, and they offer a high-quality welding. They
also use an electrode, but a completely different type than the
aforementioned type. In order to protect a weld from the elements and
atmospheric contamination, these welders use gasses such as argon and
helium. They can be used for steel, including the stainless steel, titanium
and copper elements, which makes them more expensive and more
practical than ordinary welders.
- these are the latest hit in the world. They are compact,
offer high-quality welding and they are easy to use. They use a
special wire gun that places a wire on a place you want to weld.
Argon gas is used as well, in order to protect the weld. In general,
they can be used in remote locations and they will be perfect for


- these machines are treated as high-end welders and they
are not something you will want to use at your home. These
machines can weld metals thick up to 12 inches (in vertical
position), so you can imagine how powerful they are. Tthey are
commonly used in heavy industry.
- Flux-cored arc welding
machines are similar to the previous
type. They also use the wire, but it
can be filled with gas, so it makes
welding better and more resilient to
the potential damages. Flux core
welders are almost used by
professionals and for more
demanding purposes. They can also
be used for welding different metals.