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Engine & Transport

Integrated Cooling Systems

Alfa Laval Integrated Cooling
Systems, ALICS
Integrated marine cooling systems
Heat exchanger
Expansion or surge tank
Mounting function
Integrated piping

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Compact, efficient heat exchangers

Cooling achieved by alternating hot

and cold channels of liquids
Channels formed by perimeter
AL Flex pattern mixing optimizes heat
transfer and pressure drop
One-quarter the size and weight of
shell & tube coolers

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Working Principle

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Advanced Plate Design

Single-step pressing
Patented distribution area
design ensures better

No dead spots and reduced


Five-point guiding system

prevents displacement

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Gaskets that stay sealed

Special materials, advanced

One-piece moulded gaskets
Protective gasket groove
Separate fastening and
No interleakage
Long gasket lifetimes
Changed in the field Alfa Laval glue-free gaskets
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Cooling with plate heat exchangers

Multiple cooling duties

Compact; low weight
Low hold-up volume
Less service space
Easy to service
Vibration and shock
No welds

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Cooling Circuits
Seawater Cooling System
Seawater passes through all heat
exchangers in parallel or series
All heat exchangers required to be
resistant to seawater
Extensive seawater piping
Larger flow seawater pump

Central Cooling System

Low temp seawater cooled heat
All other heat exchangers fresh-
water cooled, heatload captured in
central, low temp cooler
Reduced seawater piping,
corrosion, fouling and maintenance;
eliminate many seawater coolers
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Central Cooling System
Expansion Tank

Engine and Fuel Coolers

HEX Outlet Pipe

Thermostat Bypass

Power Steering &

Gear Cooler

Transfer Pipe to
Charge Air Cooler

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Reliable Performance
Central Cooling System
Limits components exposed
to seawater
Smaller seawater pump
Lower corrosion risk
Freshwater cooled charge
air coolers
Lower system cost
More reliable

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Expansion Tank, multi function

Permits expansion of coolant during engine operation

Holds needed excess coolant
De-aerates coolant
Passive design provides extra volume for air to separate
and rise to top of tank
Active design uses cyclone to force air from the coolant
Designed in integral piping, mounting, etc., providing cost,
weight and space savings and an overall neater engine design

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Passive Deaeration

Large horizontal tank area

for improved de-aeration
Integrated piping
Coolant level sensor mount
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Active Deaeration
Jacket Water In

Internal Piping Deaerators Seawater In


Seawater Out
Jacket Water
Drain &
System Fill

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ALICS with thermostat
Thermostat Expansion
Thermostat Bypass Drain Tank

Engine Sensor

Seawater Outlet Seawater
Out In

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Working together

Technical resource
Complete cooling systems
Key account
Project management
Design specifications

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Plate Range

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Alfa Laval Integrated Cooling
Systems, ALICS
Varying scope of supply

Simple ALICS

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