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Level up na Impressionism
Post impressionism is the second
batch of early avantgarde art.
And in this art movement many art
style and technique was made
Such as Symbolism, Pointillism,
Early Cubism and etc..
Ang Mga
Lodi at
An Draftsman and
Painter born in Paris,
France (most probably
he a French)
He was named as the
pioneer of the neo-
impressionism and he
was commonly known in
his technique
Born: December 2,
Pointillisim. 1859
Died: March 29, 1891
Sunday Afternoon on
the Island of La
Grande Jatte (1884-86)
This painting show
impressionistic element of
light and shadow and it also
depicts the leisure activity of
the Parisian bourgeoisie
sitting beside the lake during
This painting is so unique and
it needs an intense hard work
to put thousand dots.
The technique was pointillism
Draftsman, Painter,
Printmaker and Sculptor
in France pioneer a new
style called Symbolism.
He left Europe and
travelled the south
pacific where he was
influence by arts of
Africa, Asia and French
Born: June 7, 1848
Polynesia Died: May 8, 1903
Vision After the
Sermon (1888)
It depicts the vision of Jacob
wrestling with an angel. It
shows the reality and
spiritual manifestation
through art.
A modest churchgoers in the
foreground who is
experience the vision and in
the background there is a
conflict. Using red space as
background added the
intense emotion.
A member of a
Symbolist occult
known as Les Nabis.
He is often referred
to as an intimist.
He was also known
for intimate portraits
of relatives and
Born: November 11,
friends 1868
Died: June 21, 1940
Inteior, Mother
and Sister of E.
This painting depicts his
mother and his sister Marie.
His mother dominates the
painting while his sister is
merging and struggling with
the space. The patterns
blends Marie with her
surroundings. It shows
relationship with his family
Vincent van
He try to convey his
emotional and
spiritual state in
each artworks. He
use swirls to show
the light and
Born: March 30, 1853
Died: July 29, 1890
Portait of Doctor
Gachet (1890)
Doctor Gachet is the one
who tool care of Van Gogh in
his final months. Most
probably this painting was
made inside the asylum
where Van Gogh admitted
himself after an episodic
incident where he cuts his
own ears.
Starry Night
It is the most know work of
Van Gogh. Unlike his other
landscapes, this was painted
from his memory. It depicts
the night in his city but he
more focus on the sky.
Because of using swirls it
show the movement of light
and add a melancholy
Henri de Toulouse
Lautrec Vuillard
He a French artist
and his paintings,
drawings and
posters preserve the
swirl of energy, mix
of class and culture.
And the high and low
of urban life in Paris.
Born: November 24,
Died: September 9,
Moulin Rouge: La
Goulue (1891)
It is a representation of
urban life. All the figure are
silhouettes except the
female dancer at the center.
He focused on a modern city
like impressionist but he
silhouettes and sharply
abbreviated the depth of the
picture plane to convey the
rapid pace of contemporary
Portrait of Van
Gogh (1888)
Van Gogh seated and in
front of him is a glass of
absinthe. Toulouse-Lautrec
and Van Gogh were friends.
A artist born in
Norway. Munch used
intense color, semi-
abstraction and
mysterious subject
matter. And he was
one of the post-
impressionist bridge
Born: December 12,
to expressionism 1863
Died: January 23 1944
Puberty (1894-95)
A portrait of a adolescence
and isolation. It symbolize a
state of sexual depression
and frustration. The posture
is showing shyness but his
look is different. The shadow
behind shows the one
haunting her.
He was a French
painter and the
most preeminent
artist of the Post-
impressionism. He
is also known as
Master of Aix
Born: January 19, 1839
Died: October 22, 1906
The Large Bathers
It reinterpret the western
motif of the female nude.
The sheer size of this
painting is monumental,
confronting the viewer
directly with abbreviated
shapes. His human nudes he
dont use nymphs or satyrs.
Ang movement na may feelings
It started in 1905, aged of massive
industrialization in German.
Expressionism emerged
simultaneously as response to
widespread anxiety about humanitys
increasingly conflicting relationship
with the world and accompanying
lost feelings of authenticity and
Ang mga
Werpah na
ota ongno
Era at ang
Late nineteenth-
century Norwegian

Born: December 12,

Died: January 23 1944
The Scream
An overlooking setting was
suggested to Munch while
walking along a bridge in
Oslo. the sky turned as red
as blood. I stopped and
learned against the fence
shivering with fear. Then I
heard the enormous, infinite
scream of nature.
One of the pioneer of
abstract modern art.
He believe that total
abstraction offered
the possibility for
expression and that
Born: December 4,
copying the nature.
Died: December 13,
Der Blaue Reiter
It is a simple image of a lone
rider racing across a
landscape. The rider is
blende with the landscape.
This painting is link to the
impressionist. This painting
is the start of developing
style of Kandinsky.
Composition VIII
Frank Marc
He was famous for
his images of bright
coloured animals,
which he used to
convey profound
messages about
humanity, fate of
mankind and natural
Born: February 8, 1880 world.
Died: March 4, 1916
The Tower of Blue
Horses (1913)
The four horses possibly the
representation of the Four
Horsemen of the Apocalypse
from the book of Revelation.
The crescent moon on the
chest is common symbol
used by German
Expressionist. Expressionist
see the Apocalypse as an
opportunity for change.
Ernst Ludwig
A German painter, one
in the Die Brucke
movement in 1905. He
painted landscapes
and city life. He was
Depressed and ill
during the rising of
Nazis. Then eventually
he commit suicide.
Born: May 6, 1880
Died: June 15, 1938
Street, Berlin
It depicts city life in Berlin.
Two prostitutes walking
down the street with proud,
and the men behind them
around them are looks like it
was looking on them. Then
ladies here may have been
Kirchners Lovers
A Russian-French
Jew painter. A thick
impasto and visible
brush strokes are
his style to
represent the
subject in intense
Born: January 13, 1893
Died: August 9, 1943
Woman (1920)
Violent brushstrokes and
contorted lines tells a
tension. And the subject
show a shaking effect tells
that the sitter is controlling
his inner torment.
He is one of the
leading Austrian
Expressionist. His
portraits and self
portraits shows a
sexual and
psychological view are
the most remarkable of
the twentieth century.
Born: June 12, 1890
Died: October 31, 1918
Death and the
This is one of the most
complex painting of Schiele,
it depicts a man as death
clinging a maiden. This work
of Schiele is very personal.
It was made after the end of
his long time girlfriend, and
few months before he
married his wife Edith. This
painting shows the death of
true love of the artist.
A german
expressionist who
likes to make self

One of my problem
is to find the self
Born: June 12, 1890
Died: October 31, 1918
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