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Assignment #5

The BFG Roald Dahl

Chapter: The BFG

I have chosen the chapter The BFG. In this chapter, the giant
explains to Sophie how different human-beans taste like.

The chapter takes place in the beginning of the story, where

Sophie just has met the BFG. This is a good thing because Im
in no need of spoiling the rest of the story for the pupils. This
would be a great way to introduce the book by: (next slide)
Doing a Recap of the chapters before the one we are about to

Explain that Sophie has been taken to the BFG and that the
giant is called so because he is not eating humans, or human-
beans, like the rest of the giants do

Then read the chapter BFG with a classmate

I would do this in the sixth grade. I would try to integrate the

English subject and geography.
Tasks for the students:

-Make some of the text grammatically correct by filling in the

correct words. For example:

I is a Giant should be ______________

I is hungry should be_______________
We is in Giant Country now should be_______________
You is not very clever should be________________

-These sentences all have something in common, what?

Meaning of words
-Many of the words that the giant uses are made up, but
important for the plot. They are not actual words, but they do
mean something put into the right context. For example the
word cannybully is not a real word, but read in its right
context, you can sort of know what it means. After reading:

Giants is all cannybully and murderful! And they does gobble up

human beans!

its possible to understand that cannybully probably means

something like evil or mean, and gobble probably means
eating. To make sure that the students understand what they are
reading, I would ask them to explain what these words mean:
(next slide)
Explain the words:
Two words that the giant uses for great and bad food are
scrumdiddlyumptious and uckyslush. I would ask the children to, by
reading the text, explain what these two words means and then fill in:

Food that I find scrumdiddlyumptious: Food that I find uckyslush:

___________________ _____________________
___________________ _____________________
___________________ _____________________
___________________ _____________________
___________________ _____________________
___________________ _____________________
Integrate with other subjects

Also, I would try to integrate the BFG with other subjects. This
chapter focuses on various countries such as Denmark,
Greece, Turkey and so on.

That I would do by doing this: (next slide)

The giant said that human-beans from different countries
tasted How? Draw a line between the flag and how the human-
bean tasted:




(New Zeeland)


- Using your Atlas, place out the countries from the story:
Dahl, Roald, The BFG The Big Friendly Giant (1982).

Stefan Johansson Marteleur


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