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The phenomenon of body language like kinesis in the Qur'an is very

numerous and varied.

Kinesis language has a variety of functions in the delivery of messages

and has the power of influence and a very big impression.

Non-verbal communication ranges from 60% (in Western culture) to 90%

(in Eastern cultures) of the entire communication.

In the Qur'an there are 72% of verses that contain nonverbal messages.
Research Method

•Qualitative (content

•Data Resources: primer: Al-

Qur’a>n, Secunder: Tafsir,
2 journal, etl
‫‪Number of‬‬ ‫‪The kind of Kinesics‬‬
‫‪Sura Joseph‬‬

‫‪FINDIND‬‬ ‫ْ‬
‫س َوالقَ َم َر‬ ‫َّ‬
‫عش ََر َك ْو َكبًا َوالش ْم َ‬ ‫َ‬ ‫َ‬
‫ف ِِلَبِي ِه يَا أَب ِ‬
‫ت ِإنِي َرأيْتُ أ َح َد َ‬ ‫ِإ ْذ قَا َل يُو ُ‬
‫س ُ‬

‫)‪Gestural (head‬‬

‫اجدِينَ‬ ‫س ِ‬ ‫َرأَ ْيت ُ ُه ْم ِلي َ‬

‫سروهُ‬ ‫سلُواْ َو ِار َد ُه ْم فَأ َ ْدلَى َد ْل َوهُ قَا َل يَا بُ ْش َرى هَـ َذا ُ‬
‫غالَ ٌم َوأَ َ‬ ‫َّارة ٌ فَأ َ ْر َ‬
‫سي َ‬ ‫َج ْ‬
‫اءت َ‬
‫)‪Gestural (hands‬‬

‫عةً َوّللاُ َ‬
‫ع ِلي ٌم بِ َما يَ ْع َملُونَ‬ ‫ضا َ‬ ‫بِ َ‬
‫ْت لَ َك قَا َل‬ ‫ت اِلَب َْو َ‬
‫اب َوقَالَ ْ‬
‫ت َهي َ‬ ‫عن نَّ ْف ِس ِه َوغَلَّقَ ِ‬‫َو َر َاو َدتْهُ الَّتِي ُه َو فِي بَ ْيتِ َها َ‬
‫‪23‬‬ ‫‪Postural‬‬

‫الظا ِل ُمونَ‬ ‫سنَ َمثْ َو َ‬

‫اي إِنَّهُ الَ يُ ْف ِل ُح َّ‬ ‫َمعَا َذ ّللاِ إِنَّهُ َربِي أَ ْح َ‬
‫ت َما َجزَ اء‬ ‫سيِ َدهَا لَ َدى ْالبَا ِ‬
‫ب قَالَ ْ‬ ‫صهُ ِمن ُدبُ ٍر َوأَ ْلفَيَا َ‬
‫َّت قَ ِمي َ‬ ‫ستَبَقَا ْالبَ َ‬
‫اب َوقَد ْ‬ ‫َوا ُ‬
‫‪25-27‬‬ ‫‪Postural‬‬

‫اب أَ ِلي ٌم‬

‫ع َذ ٌ‬‫س َو ًءا ِإالَّ أَن يُ ْس َجنَ أَ ْو َ‬
‫َم ْن أَ َرا َد ِبأ َ ْه ِل َك ُ‬
‫اش ِلِلِ َما هَـ َذا بَش ًَرا إِ ْن هَـ َذا إِالَّ‬ ‫ط ْعنَ أَ ْي ِديَ ُه َّن َوقُ ْلنَ َح َ‬
‫فَلَ َّما َرأَ ْينَهُ أَ ْكبَ ْرنَهُ َوقَ َّ‬
‫‪31‬‬ ‫)‪Gestural (hands‬‬

‫َملَ ٌك َك ِري ٌم‬

‫ع ْينَاهُ ِمنَ ْال ُح ْز ِن فَ ُه َو َك ِظي ٌم‬ ‫َّت َ‬‫ف َوا ْب َيض ْ‬ ‫س َ‬‫علَى يُو ُ‬ ‫سفَى َ‬ ‫ع ْن ُه ْم َوقَا َل َيا أَ َ‬ ‫َوتَ َولَّى َ‬
‫‪84‬‬ ‫)‪Postural, Gestural (eyes‬‬

‫يرا َوأْتُو ِني ِبأ َ ْه ِل ُك ْم‬

‫ص ً‬‫ت َب ِ‬‫علَى َو ْج ِه أَ ِبي َيأ ْ ِ‬ ‫يصي هَـ َذا فَأ َ ْلقُوهُ َ‬ ‫ا ْذ َهبُواْ ِبقَ ِم ِ‬
‫‪93‬‬ ‫)‪Gestural (hand and eyes‬‬

‫أَ ْج َم ِعينَ‬
‫علَى ْال َع ْر ِش َوخَرواْ لَهُ ُ‬
‫س َّجدًا‬ ‫َو َرفَ َع أَ َب َو ْي ِه َ‬
‫‪100‬‬ ‫‪Postural‬‬
Surah Joseph verse 4 (Joseph Dreamed)

The story of the prophet Joseph begins from his dream of

seeing eleven stars, the sun, and the moon prostrate to him.
Prostration belongs to the gestural kinesic language

Death, the heavenly bodies are shown and depicted as if

they were intelligent creatures prostrate to humans, little

This sign indicates the noble and height of Joseph's position

in front of Allah
Surah Joseph verse 19
(Joseph was thrown into a well)

In this verse there is the language kinesic gestural

fa`adlâ dalwahu which serves as a nonverbal

The word of Sayyarah refers to a particular group of


The word Ghulâm refers to a young child. Joseph

who was about 7 years old, or 12 years or 17 years
Surah Joseph verses 23 and 25 (Women’s Flirt)

In verse 23 there are kinesics languages in gestural

râwadat and ghallaqat al-abwâb. These two kinesic
languages ​serve to affirm nonverbal messages

In verse 25, as it appears in verse 24, Joseph was able

to avoid seeing the proof of his Lord that he did not
wish as Zulaikha's will fall into adultery

. Zulaikha, the wife of an Egyptian official was

interested in and fell in love with her employee
Surah Joseph verse 31
(The Women hurt their fingers)

The scandal of the official’s wife who seduced and had a sexual
desire to a young man who was an employee of her husband
scattered in the ears of Egyptian women at that time

The women who scoffed and gossiped Zulaikha, as if they were

better than her and would not been tempted by Joseph.

However, their behaviors became contrast when they were so

astonished to see Joseph that they did not realize they had
wounded their fingers
Surah Joseph verse 84 (Jacob's grief)

Jacob not only remembered Joseph but also remembered the age of
Joseph at that time as Ghulam, still child and had disappeared in long time
coupled with the loss of another child, namely Benjamin.

The existence of postural wa tawalla is kinesics language that serves to

replace the expression of his disappointment and anger to his sons who
failed in guarding their brothers (Joseph and Benjamin)

kinesics gestural language in ibyadhdhat 'ainahu serves as a substitute for

the verbal message of Jacob to his sons is very beautiful in the context of
interaction (mu'amalah) between father and son.
Surah Joseph verses 93 and 100
(Jacob can see again)

In this verse there is a kinesics language gestural alqu 'ala wajhi

which serves to replace the verbal language

Then, in verse 93 one of Joseph's brothers rubbed a suit over

Jacob's face and after that Jacob could see again

In verse 100, there are postural kinesics languages ​(rafa'a and

kharru) and gestures in the context of mu'amalah that serve as a
substitute for Joseph's vivid dream message as described at the
beginning of the story. This story has a happy ending

• Based on the analysis and discussion it can be

concluded that the existence of kinesics language in the
form of postural and gestural communications in the
Qur'an, especially the story of Joseph which gives the
impression more than delivers messages from the
message sender to the recipients of messages, either
messages from Jacob to his sons and from Joseph to his
1 brothers or messages from Joseph to Jacob, his father.
The kinesics language functions used as means of
reinforcement, affirmation, and in place of verbal
messages in the context of aqidah and mu'amalah.