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New Kingdom 1550-1069 BC

Chapter 4 Lesson 4 Vocabulary

Pharaoh – King of Egypt

Reign – time of rule

Rural – country area

Kings of the Great House

 During the New Kingdom, Egyptian Kings

took the title of Pharaoh

 Egyptian Empire reached its greatest size

 Pharaohs expanded trade, conquered new

lands and built great temples
Pharaohs in New Kingdom
 Queen Hatshepsut – Female,
ruled until her stepson was of
age, expanded trade routes
across the red sea
 Thutmose III (1450 BC) –
Hatshepsut’s step son, Egypt
reached its largest size
 Amenhotep IV (1364 BC) –
changed his name to
Akhenaton and urged the
people of Egypt to worship
only one god, the Aton
Pharaohs in New Kingdom
 King Tut – restored old
Egyptian Gods, died at
18 years old and was
buried in a solid gold
coffin in a tomb packed
with treasure, took
thrown at 9 years old
 Cleopatra – last
pharaoh of Egyptian
Egyptian Society

Social Pyramid
Boys usually learned their fathers trade,
but the children of nobles learned
mathematics, literature and writing.
Girls learned household skills and weaving
from their mothers
Egyptian Art and Architecture

Very important
Most architecture that remains today was
built of stone, although most buildings
were made of mud brick
Houses were small and 2-3 stories high,
bottom floor might be a shop or business
and top floors are for living

Pharaohs of the New Kingdom of Egypt

enlarged Egypt’s territory, expanded trade,
and started massive building projects.
Egyptian society was divided into different
social classes.
Most people worked as farmers and lived
in rural areas.
New Kingdom was a time of achievement
in architecture, art and literature.