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Purushottam express

Looking out for some rail information related to

Purushottam express? It is a daily based running
train and is been quite a popular one too
supposed to be linking Puri in Orissa and New
Delhi and is been running with train numbers
12801 and 12802. Boarded by passengers in
large numbers, it is certainly among one of the
favourites of all. As per the sources, it began its
operations in 1993, and since then people in
definitely huge numbers prefer to board and travel
in the same. Train 12801 Purushottam express
runs from Puri to New Delhi and train 12802 in the
opposite direction.
Want to know about the train’s time table and
schedule? In accord to the same, train 12801
leaves Puri on daily basis at 21:45 hours and
reaches New Delhi on second day of the journey
at 04:30 hours. Train 12802 leaves New Delhi on
daily basis at 22:15 hours and reaches Puri on
second day of the journey at 05:20 hours. The
distance covered by the Purushottam express is
1863 kms and it gets completed in approximate
31 hours of time period. The running speed of the
train is 64 km/hour and it has been equipped with
23 coaches in total including sleeper class,
general class, AC 3 tier and AC 2 tier classes.
The running speed of the train is 64 km/hour.
Purushottam express even has a pantry car attached
making sure that the food availability is been done
on time to all the passengers. Having a decent track
record in cleanliness, safety and hygiene, passengers
can even think to opt for onboard as well as delicious
e-catering food services. The prime stoppages at
which the train stops by for more time is Allahabad,
Delhi, Sasaram, Gaya, Hazaribagh, Chandrapura,
Bhadrakh, Bhubaneswar, and Puri.
. At other ones, it just stops by for about 2 to 5
minutes of time. It runs on daily basis as well as the
safety record of the train is also good thus checking
out the seats available in the train is simple and must
to do and once you do the same, make sure to get
the reservations at its earliest as could be possible.
Getting reservations and doing bookings within time
help people to stay away from any trouble and do
not have to think again about getting reservations or
travelling in the trains and so. Also, do make sure to
have a look at the running status of the train and
know about whether it is been running as per its
exact schedule or not.
In case, it is running then there is absolutely
nothing to think about or worry about but if it is
not, then you can either think of opting for some
other decision or can reach at the station later as
required. So, get to know about details related to
the train and make your travel hassle free and