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Insurance System With Tracking Manager

By: Rajeev Kumar Pramanik

Roll No:37
Project Guide: Ms. Megha Mane

1. System Description
2. Objectives Of The System
3. Use Case Model
4. Er Model
5. Tables Description
6. Screen Shots
System Description
Insurance system with tracking manager is a web application software which provides insurance services
to users in different fields which includes Life insurance, Medical insurance, Motor insurance and House
insurance. It also provides the loan facility for motor purchasing.
An insurance company mainly deals with providing insurance to its customers like life time insurance,
endowment insurances etc. the sales force of an insurance company comprises of a branch manager,
sales manager, unit managers who are employees of the company and a team of advisors or agents who
work on a commission basis. Agents working under unit managers play a key role in generating the
business. Agents distribute policies to the clients and for every policy that is accepted, agent will be paid
a certain sum as commission by the company.

The main menu contains 10 parts:

1) Home 6) Loan Calculator
2) Employee Login 7) Payment Schedule
3) Generate Policies 8) Payments
4) Policy Details Home 9) Change Password
5) Insurance Detail 10) Discussion Forum
Objectives Of The System

This application software has three types of users

1.Policy Holders
2.Company officials
To computerize the Insurance system.
To reduce Data Redundancy.
To reduce the Cumbersome job of Maintaining
several documents.
To eliminate the delays in Report Generation.
To facilitate faster Searching of information.
Thus reducing time, energy and cost.
To Give Assurance To the Policy Holders
About Maintaining Data Privacy and Security.
Use Case Mode----
Erd Model
Tables Description
1. Login

2. Company Official
3. Policy

4. Health Insurance
5. Life Insurance

6. Home

7. House Members

8. Motor Insurance

10. Customer

11. Loan
Screen Shots


Generate Policies

Policy Details Home

Insurance Detail

Loan Calculator

Change Password
Discussion Forum

Validation List
Employee Login
Loan Calculator
Change Password

Thank You