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What is Institutional housing ?
Institutional - a society or organization founded for a
religious, educational, social, or similar purpose.
Housing - housing refers to houses or buildings
collectively; accommodation of people; planning or
provision of accommodation by an authority; and
related meanings.
 Institutional Housing – Housing that provide
accommodation for people who live in institutions.
Why O.P. Jindal ?
 The University accommodation consists of several blocks of buildings
designed by a French architect.
 There are corridors, open spaces and common rooms within each block.
 There are separate blocks for male and female students.
 Accommodation in these blocks follows international norms and the rooms
are aesthetically furnished with priority accorded to hygiene.
 In addition, the campus provides recreational facilities including a
gymnasium, indoor and outdoor games.
 The surroundings are landscaped with lawns, shrubs and trees.

 The faculty housing is a line of immeubles villas forming the visual boundary
of the campus.
 The Buildings compile together the experiments of typologies of 3 bedroom
duplexes, two bedroom duplexes and one bedroom flats.-
 Apartments get 50% to 100% of their areas as their gardens or terrace
 There are total 3 blocks – F1, F2 , F3.
 Each block comprises of 16 duplex apartments.
 Proper Parking Facility for occupants.
 Facilities like heath centre, gym, foodvillage and daycare services are
provided near the blocks inside the campus.
 As a Greenfield project with no built surroundings, the design is based on a
very rigorous geometrical framework of “traces regulaters” of squares and
golden rectangles, dear to European architecture as well as Indian
classical architecture.
 The project is designed like a vast classical garden where the nature has
been tamed by the rule of geometry as the metaphor for the men pacified
by the rule of law.
 All the buildings come together around a network of gardens and parks,
reintroducing the lost landscape of agricultural fields and vegetable
gardens into the university.
 The Oblique approach to the
recessed entrance enhances the
effect of perspective on the front
façade and form. This path
Prolongs the sequence of
 The recessed entrance is suitable
in a composite climate as it
provides shelter and receives a
portion of outer space
 This recessed entrance
emphasizes the interlocked form
of the block.
 House is smaller but the high
ceiling, large windows and doors
allow for the illusion of space.
 It adds a sense of grandeur and
captures amazing light.
 Double height ceiling was a kind
of three-fold solution including
high fenestrations and internal
courtyards. Together they do
wonders to the house
 The floor below acts as a passive
court or as an active part of the
house plan.
 Double floor dining-cum-living
room creates stack effect and
creates an illusion of Large space.

 Two Separate entries were

provided, one for the visitors
directly to the office and one
leading to the living room.
 This planning is done so as to
segregate the Semi-private and
semi-public zones, thereby
providing some privacy.
 This Layout separated the kitchen
from living-cum-dining room, thus
providing privacy.
 G-Shaped Peninsula kitchen
made the “work triangle’ more
effective, keeping the three key
appliances fridge, oven and sink
within handy.
 It maximized the cabinet storage.
 It affords to group the tall
appliances together.
 The kitchen was able to separate
meal prep, cooking, and clean
up areas.
 Dog-legged staircase occupies a
shorter, though wider, floor area,
and so is more compact.
 Upper floor is not directly visible
from the bottom of the stairs, thus
providing privacy
 The slab of the first floor doesn’t
cover the first flight to provide
head clearance.
 Large fenestration allows the
natural light to come and
illuminate the staircase.
 Bedrooms were provided on the
first floor, so as to keep the
privacy as it comes under the
private zone.
 There were two bedrooms.
 The master bedroom has an
attached balcony to provide
beautiful view and daylight.
 The balcony was semi-covered
with a pergola but it did least in
protecting it from the summer sun.
 The master bedroom has a walk-
 False ceiling was provided in only
one bedroom
 There are total 3 toilets provided
in the 2 bedroom duplex.
 One common toilet was provided
on the ground floor for the living
room and the office.
 One toilet each is provided for
both the bedrooms on the first