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Julmentin - Presentation

Tablets : Packs of 20 tablets

Suspension : Bottle of 100mL after reconstitution
Vials : Packs of 1 and 10 vials
Julmentin 2X

• Tablets : Pack of 15
• Suspension : Bottle of 70ml
Julmentin - Indications

Upper respiratory tract infections

Lower respiratory tract infections

Uncomplicated , Urinary tract infections

Skin and soft tissue infections

Surgical prophylaxis for the IV injection form

Gynaecological infections(Prophylaxis against post

Partum endometritis and premature rupture of
membranes in pregnant women)

Convenience of The Best Protected

Stability against humidity until the last dose and
throughout the shelf life.
Each single tablet is a Full Unit dose
Flexibility in prescribing , dispensing and to carry any
High level of convenience.
Introduction of DIB dosage form

High palatable taste.

Dark amber glass to reduce the effect of light (heat).

Introduction of BID dosage form
Special & practical device for accurate dosing

Granting treatment completion and

clinical success
Julmentin – Bioequivalence

Mean plasma concentration after oral administration of two Co-Amoxiclav

625 mg Brands, Julmentin, Julphar-UAE and Augmentin, GSK-England.*
*Najib NM, Idkaidek N et al. JAMA Middle East Apr 2001: 100-105.
Comparative Anti-microbial Susceptibility Testing
(CAST study)
Illinois Institute of Technology Research
Chicago, USA, Reputable center since 1936

To compare the efficacy of four of our
injectable antibiotics to the corresponding
industry standard antibiotics.
“The Gulf Pharmaceutical
Industries Julphar manufactured
antibiotics showed efficacy
equivalent to the corresponding
industry standard antibiotics at
equivalent test concentration
against the organisms tested.”
Julmentin -Target Indications
RTIs (Upper and Lower)
Otitis media
Skin & Soft tissue infection
Urinary tract infection
Gynecological infections
(Prophylaxis against post Partum endometritis and premature rupture of the
membranes in pregnant women)
Dental infections
Surgical prophylaxis
Twice daily dose is preferable
Half life is 8 hours and the recommended dose is 2-3
hours given according to the severity of infection
Julmentin 2X- Summary
The most protected co-amoxiclav
(tablet & suspension)
Aluminum- Aluminum technic Amber yellow color special glass
(The most protected co-amoxiclav) (Effective to the last dose)

Effective to the last dose

(High clinical success)

Separate unit dose Special practical device

(More patient compliance) (Accurate dosing)
Julmentin 2X- Summary

Compliance Assures Efficiency

High Stick to
clinical Julmentin 2X the dose
Twice daily
Complete the course