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Microwave Water Purification Process

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CHA Corporation Background

The Army Research Office has awarded CHA governmental support, emphasize the
Corporation an SBIR grant to build a prototype development of new technologies for gas and
microwave water purification system. This water cleanup through selective destruction in
process will be capable of eliminating contaminated waste streams. When combat
hydrocarbons and hazardous chemical agents in vehicles become contaminated with any number
water contaminated by washing combat vehicles of chemical agents, washing these vehicles is
at front lines. For the past 13 years, CHA required. This wash water may contain any
Corporation has focused on utilizing microwaves combination of contaminants, including: engine
to induce or enhance chemical reactions. These oil, fuel, mud, chemical warfare agents or
efforts, made possible through industrial and biological agents. The

CHA Corporation Microwave Water Purification Process

CHA Corporation Microwave Water Purification Process January 2005

Microwave Water Purification Process
treatment of this waste stream can eliminate
many of the health and environmental risks
presented to military personnel associated
with the washing of combat vehicles. Also,
by allowing the reuse of the wash water, the
need to transport water is greatly reduced, a
major benefit in locations where water
supplies are scarce.

Our Process
CHA Corporation studied several possible
options for the microwave water
purification system. After extensive
laboratory testing, the best option for this
project was determined to be an alternating
system capable of both microwave
destruction of aqueous contaminants and
on-site reactivation of activated carbon.
This process, coupled with a pair of
microwave catalytic oxidizers, provides the The advantage of our process lies in its
highest overall DRE (destruction and ability to simultaneously act as both a
removal efficiency), yielding both clean destruction reactor and a GAC re-
water and a harmless off-gas. activator. Three reactors are filled with
granular activated carbon, and at any
time, two act as microwave destruction
and removal reactors, and the other acts
as a reactivation reactor. Once the GAC
becomes inactivated in one of the
removal reactors, a series of valves can
be operated and the inactivated GAC can
be reactivated, while the other two
reactors act as destruction and removal
The gases produced from the reactivation
process are sent to a microwave oxidizer,
which will oxidize any hazardous
gaseous compounds, and vent safe air to
the atmosphere. Our technology provides
a continuous process with effective
hydrocarbon removal and in place GAC

CHA Corporation Microwave Water Purification Process January 2005