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NCF 2009

Submitted by
Remya chandran
II Semester Med
NCF 2009
• It is the frame work for teacher
education 2009 is a government of
India draft created for proposing
changes and updates required to the
national council for teacher education
• It was set up in the year 1993
• Free and compulsory education Act
• Supply of professionally
competent teachers to run the
nations school
• To imbues teacher with the
aspirations, knowledge- base
and humane attitudes
Changing school contexts and its
• The teacher demands
must be equipped
not only to teach but also to
understand the students and the
• NCF requries the teacher to be a
• The teacher has to construct
knowledge and meaning to the
life of students.
• It gives chance to take part in the
construction of syllabi, text book
and teaching – learning materials.
• It helps them to understand the
curriculum , subject content and
pedagogy on the one hand and
the community and school
It makes the teacher to think
professionally and empower the
students to inculativate values in
Learning is not confined to four
walls of the curriculum
It gives importance to student –
centred learning.
Salient features of NCF 2009
• Teacher is not a prescriptive
endeavour . It should be open
and flexible .
• It acknowledge the diversity of
learning spaces
• It should make learning liberal ,
humanistic and responsive.
• It appreciates diversity in learning
• Emphasis on teacher as a
reflective practitioner.
• Give importance to competence
and communication skills.
• High lights the processes of
education and training such as
observation , story telling,analysis
critical enquiry –self learning , etc
• Both qualitayive and quantitative
evaluation and assessment
procedures are highlighted
• Four modern teaching
approaches as constructivism ,
comprehensive learning ,
contextual pedagogy and ICT
need to be high lighted .
The out comes
• Stake holders will be oriented
with new demands .
• Teaching – learning materials and
learning sites will be redesigned.
• Teachers and teacher educators
will look for continuous
professional development
Concerns in NCF 2009
• Professionalization of
teacher education
• Preparing teacher educators
• Research and innovation in
teacher education
• Open and distance learning in
• Education of teachers in health
and physical education
• Education of teachers for
vocational stem
Important aspects of
• Ensures every sphere of education
• Considered school internship is very
essential part
• Gave a single paradigm and caught
all the features of curriculum
• NCF 2009 has abled to make an
impact in the scenario of educational
• NCF 2009 paves the way for
implementation of curricular
area by giving practical and
reasonable strategies
• Reliable for making
professional and humane
Functions of NCF 2009
• Undertake surveys and studies
pertaining to all aspects of the
teachers .
• It co-ordinates and monitors the
teacher education system
• it lays down the guide line for the
minimum qualifications need for an
• It examines its own laid –down
• It performs other function that are
entrusted to it by the central
• It lays down standards with
respect to examinations, with
major criteria.