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Concept of Learning

Akhmad Reza Syahfikar aulawy
Ani Septiana Sholihah
Annisa Nur Baeti
Diana Roshita Anggraeni
The Definition of Learning Resources

 Learning resources is component of learning activity which

may give someone knowledge, ability, attitude,
conviction, emotion, and feeling. Learning resources give
someone learning experiences and without learning
resources the learning activity will not run well.
 In dictionary of instructional technology says that learning
resources are any resources (people, instructional
material, instructional hardware, etc) which may be used
by a learner to bring about or facilitate learning.
 Other opinion about learning resources is said by
Association for Educational Communication and
Technology, any or all of resources like data, person, and
other thing which can be used by students to help student
in achieving learning goals .
 Learning resources are generally understood to be text,
videos, software, and other material that assist student to
meet the expectations for learning, as defined by
provincial or local curricula.
 Before a learning resource is used in a classroom, it must
be evaluated to ensure that criteria such as those for
curriculum match, social considerations and age or
developmental appropriateness are met. Learning
resources such as newspapers or periodicals that support
current events or the teachable moment also need to be
evaluated for suitability before use in a classroom.
The Purpose of Learning Resources

 Learning resources is an information which is shared and

saved in many media.
 The purpose of Learning resources is to help students in
study , there are many shape of it like edition, video,
software, combination of many format which can be used
by student or teacher.
 Endeavoring of learning resources functionally will give
positive contribution to the process and the student
learning outcomes.
 Endeavoring learning resources in learning activity in school is to:
 1. increasing the intensity, interest, and student intention towards the
learning program
 2. motivate student for finding purpose and the use of study
 3. motivate student to have independent attitude in study and
increasing togetherness with others
 4. increasing student perception about environment reality as part of
 5. habituate student to study with dynamic, creative, and
 Learning resources eases the students and the teacher in
learning activity. Learning resources better delivered to
the student before the learning activity is started. It will
helps student will be active in learning process
The development of Learning Resources
 The development of learning resources according to Arif sukardi
Sudiman, is divided into 4 phase:
1. learning resources before teacher exist.
the main learning resources at that time is people. The amount of
learning resources is still rare, but the seekers of knowledge are many.
Therefore at that time many knowledge is obtained by test by the
seekers itself just than from other person or available learning resource.
2. the present of teacher as the main learning resource.
at this time people do not study with their member of family
anymore, but there are people who be responsible in learning activity.
That people serve the seeker of knowledge, which is known by student.
The people themself are known by teacher, and the place where the
learning activity is held known by school.
3. Learning resources in edition form.
in the next development is edition form, which is known by book,
and the other edition learning resources. With this development the duty
of teacher is eased, because the material that is not clear yet in
presentation, can be learned by the student himself from book or other
similar learning resources.
4. Learning resources from technology communication product
the effect of this development is so big in educational system. The
definition of technology in education is popular, the name is audio visual
aids. That is the utilization of audio, visual , audio visual and other
combination in education system. Because of the effect of social
knowledge, like: psychology, sociology, communication, the theory of
teaching and learning, etc. therefore the way to design learning
resources are more directed. More specific and appropriated with the
student. This learning resource is known with instructional media or
education media or known with media.
Importance of learning resource

 1. As the main material for teacher or student in study

 2. As tool for easing the learning activity
 3. As education media in facing the changing times
 4. Increasing performance of study
 5. useful for human until the end