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Advertising Management

Chapter 5

Chapter Overview

Advertising management Choosing an advertising agency Advertising campaign management

Communications market analysis Advertising goals Advertising budget Media selection Creative brief



5 . 1 IMC Overview


Advertising Management

Evaluate role of advertising in IMC program. Select in-house or external agency. Develop advertising management strategy. Develop creative brief.


Money Spent on Media

75% - Media buys 15% - Creative work (agency) 10% - Ad production


In-House or Advertising Agency Decision Criteria

The size of the account The media budget Objectivity Product complexity Creative ability


External Agencies
Boutique ------------------ Full-service Advertising agencies Media service companies Direct marketing agencies Consumer and trade promotion specialists Public relations firms


Whole Egg Theory

New trend in advertising Young and Rubicam Ad Agency Total success in the marketplace Integration of marketing approach.


Conflicts of Interest
Leo Burnett Co.
Company General Motors Hallmark Kellogg s VISA McDonald s Allstate Gain
agencies do not serve competing firms.

Year Obtained Industry Account Automobile 1971 Greeting cards 1988 Cereal 1949 Credit cards 1979 Fast food 1981 Insurance 1957 Detergent 2000


Global Reach
Grey Worldwide Advertising
Company Sara Lee Kraft Foods Volkswagen 3M Corporation Coca-Cola Cannon Playtex Toshiba # of Year Obtained Countries Account 21 1993 North America 2002 15 1998 14 1984 6 2004 5 1976 North America 1968 16 2007


Choosing an Agency
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Set goals. Select process and criteria. Screen initial list of applicants. Request client references. Reduce list to 2-3 viable agencies. Request creative pitch. Select agency.

5 - 11

Evaluation Criteria
Selecting Advertising Agency
Size of agency Relevant experience Conflicts of interest Creative reputation Product capabilities Media purchasing capabilities Other services available Client retention rates Personal chemistry
5 - 12

Advertising Planning and Research

General pre-planning input Product specific-research Major selling idea Qualitative research Anthropology Sociology Psychology Value and lifestyle model (VALS)
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Key Advertising Personnel

Client Marketing Manager Client Marketing Manager Client Marketing Manager

Account Executive Creative Director Traffic Manager Media Buyers & Planners





Steps in Advertising Campaign Management

1. Review communication market analysis. 2. Establish advertising portion of IMC objectives. 3. Review advertising budget. 4. Select media. 5. Prepare creative brief.

5 - 15

1. Communication Market Analysis Review

Competitors Opportunities Target markets Customers Product positioning

5 - 16

2. Advertising Goals
To build brand image To inform To persuade To support other marketing efforts To encourage action
Top of mind First choice

5 - 17

3. Advertising Budget
Manner of Distribution:
Continuous schedule Flighting schedule Pulsating schedule

5 - 18


Right Brain Ads

Left brain advertisement

Logical, rational side of brain Manages numbers, letters, words, and concepts Rational appeal

Right-brain advertisement
Emotional side of brain Manages abstract ideas, images, and feelings Emotional appeal
5 - 19

Creative Brief
What is . . . The objective The target audience The message theme The support The constraints

5 - 20

The Support
The support claims highlighted in this advertisement is that MicroThins are:
30% thinner 40% lighter 4 times more scratch resistant 10 times more impact resistant 99.9% UV protection Anti-reflective


Creative Brief - Del Monte

The Objective increase awareness of the smallersize cans with pull-top lid. Target Audience senior citizens, especially those that live alone and suffer from arthritis. Message Theme the new cans not only contain a smaller portion but are easier to open. Support 30¢ intro coupon to encourage usage.

Constraints copyright logo, toll free #, Web site, legal requirements of a coupon, and what is meant by a small serving.

Del Monte Advertisement

Based on the Creative Brief in the previous slide.