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What is NLP

(Neuro Linguistic Programming?)

Neuro Linguistic Programming

N euro

Jaringan komunikasi
saraf dalam tubuh
Neuro Linguistic Programming

L inguistic
Bahasa yang Anda
gunakan untuk
berbicara kepada diri
sendiri atau orang
Neuro Linguistic Programming

P rogramming
Petunjuk pelaksanaan
suatu program
What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

adalah metodologi untuk memahami dan
membantu mengubah pola perilaku
Pola ini dikenal sebagai program.
The Methodology of NLP

Metodologi ini dikembangkan dari belajar, dan

memahami hubungan bagaimana jaringan
komunikasi saraf di tubuh kita (NEURO),
terhubung dan tercermin dalam bahasa yang
kita gunakan (LINGUISTIC) dan bagaimana hal
ini mempengaruhi cara kita berperilaku
Ketika kita memahami proses CARA kita
melakukan sesuatu kita bisa REPEAT proses itu
untuk mencapai hasil yang sama atau
MENGUBAH proses (atau bahkan hanya
bagian dari proses) untuk mencapai hasil yang
Mengulangi proses bagaimana
seseorang melakukan sesuatu
yang dikenal sebagai pemodelan.

Mengubah proses bagaimana

seseorang melakukan sesuatu
dikenal sebagai menciptakan
perubahan perilaku.
Where did NLP come from?


Richard Bandler John Grinder

In the 1970’s two men (the co-creators of NLP) became
curious as to how some highly successful therapists were able
to consistently achieve that success. They wanted to find out

HOW they were achieving their successes rather than

WHY they were doing what they did.

They and their research team spent time deconstructing how
people such as Virginia Satir, Milton Erikson and Fritz Perls
achieved their consistent success with their clients.

What they identified was :

• The words they used

• What questions they asked
• Changes in voice tone
• Changes is body posture and physiology
• What they listened out for when taking to someone
• How they structured their language.
Through this work and subsequently, the work of many
others, the methodology of NLP developed.

These can be broken down into different models and

topics such as:

• Meta Model
• Milton Model
• Meta Programmes
• Anchoring
• Strategies
• State
Today NLP techniques are used in many different areas
such as therapy, health, education and sport.
In business these techniques are used for:

• Coaching
• Information gathering
• Communicating
• Motivating others
• Influencing and persuading
• Advertising
• Indentifying success strategies
• Developing others
NLP is not a thing!!
It is a methodology that consists of a range of
different techniques.

People become skillful in the use of NLP techniques

through being taught well.

Using NLP techniques helps people create more

choices in their life and in the life of others.
In everyday life and business people are

automatically Behaving naturally. They

don’t stop to think how they are doing what they

NLP skills help you deconstruct behaviour to

find out How someone is doing something so

it can be Modeled or Changed

NLP still being developed by, both Richard Bandler
and John Grinder, along with many others.

Brain imaging in neuroscience is showing that a lot

of, what was once only theoretical regarding the
way behaviour is created, is now proving to be true.
NLP is aBIG subject and, with all big subjects,
the best way to learn is to break things down.

I make it EASY for you to learn to

become really skillful in the use of NLP techniques.
The best way to become skillful at using NLP
tools and techniques is to attend Licensed NLP
trainings and experience for yourself the
amazing results that these powerful
methodology achieves when used skillfully.

"I highly recommend Fiona Campbell. She delivers my NLP

skills specifically for use in leadership development and
enhancing communication skills in business. She is
continually updating her training with the most up to date
skills I have developed, and was a member of my assisting
team in London for over eight years.

Fiona is Licensed internationally through the Society of

Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ to deliver the NLP Business
Practitioner, NLP Business Master Practitioner and NLP
Business Coach training programmes”

Dr Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP)


“Since 2006 Fiona Campbell has been specialising in

delivering the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™
training programs specifically for leadership development
and enhancing people's communication skills. She
consistently measures the impact of integrating NLP skills
into the workplace to improve efficiency and productivity.

Fiona was one of the first NLP trainers globally we licensed to

deliver the NLP Business Coach training program. I highly
recommend the work that she does “

John La Valle, (President of the Society of NLP)


Fiona Campbell is an Executive Coach

and Licensed NLP Business Coach
trainer for the Society of NLP.

To find out how Fiona can help you or

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