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Youth Mental Health C

Events & Sponsorship Package

Youth Mental Health Canada is a grassroots, non-profit, youth-led and driven
organization focused on education, advocacy, research and filmmaking for youth
mental health awareness and change.
YMHC is comprised of students from secondary and post-secondary institutions,
educators, youth mental health researchers, suicide survivors, indigenous youth
and counsellors, filmmakers, mental health advocates and community members.


YMHC’s vision of youth mental health change includes:
• Equitable access to healthcare that is timely, effective and coordinated
• Inclusive, accessible and individualized education that recognizes and supports
the academic, employment and life potential of students with mental health
challenges and disabilities
• Supports, services and educational accommodations that are guided and
directed by youth needs and recommendations; an appreciation of and respect
for lived experience of mental health
YMHC aims to encourage and promote innovative suicide prevention strategies in
education that provide the skills, resources, information and training of all school staff
and students to support youth with mental health challenges and disabilities, teach
and model compassion, concern and care and inspire healthy school environments.
We encourage and empower youth to become leaders in mental health change. All
youth in YMHC have lived experience of mental ill health and use their experience to
raise awareness, promote educational opportunities, create educational materials
and build stronger communities through partnerships.
Our commitment in YMHC is to elevate youth voices, youth needs and youth
leadership to better impact youth suicide prevention strategies.
Social inequalities are the status quo now. We believe that we must go beyond the
status quo to explore innovative, needs and evidence-based, international best
practices and respond effectively and efficiently to youth mental health needs and

Youth Mental Health Canada has been instrumental in making national educational
change for students with mental health disabilities. We are making change. You can
be a part of the change that is needed.
Co-Founders of Youth Mental Health Canada:
Sheryl Boswell and Roger Maunder YMHC Director Sheryl Boswell
and Clara Hughes

Roger Maunder, UpSkyDown Films

The Board of Directors of YMHC reflects our
commitment to youth leadership, education through
workshops, presentations and films, partnership
between indigenous and non-indigenous people and
community partnerships and collaborations. We are
educators, students, student counsellors, parents,
artists and filmmakers, suicide survivors and youth
mental health advocates.

7350 + Twitter followers
2600 + Facebook page likes and followers
 62 YMHC group members
 14 Board of Directors
 150 youth from 3 provinces in national youth
mental health film
 Supported by many prominent Canadian mental
health advocates and organizations
 Endorsed by American, Australian and United
Kingdom Mental Health Advocates
 Endorsed by National Chief Dwight Dorey
 Participation as presenters at Canadian
Association for Suicide Prevention, Nunavut,
2016, Canadian Mental Health Association
National, Toronto, 2017 and International
Association of Youth Mental Health conference,
Ireland, 2017
Ann Douglas, National Parenting Writer and Speaker, "With much love and appreciation for
all that you do for young people and their families".

Jane Philpott, Honorable Minister of Health, "I would like to commend you on raising
important awareness of youth mental health and suicide prevention initiatives. I am deeply
appreciative of your willingness to start these conversations using a medium that speaks to

Clara Hughes, Olympic athlete/Mental Health Advocate, "You are a force! Never stop".

Andrew Solomon, Internationally respected Mental Health Advocate and writer, "Youth
Mental Health Canada focuses on suicide prevention strategies in education and youth
suicides. An excellent resource".

National Chief, Indigenous Peoples' Assembly of Canada, Dwight Dorey, "Upon taking a quick
review of your site, I congratulate YMHC. Social media has many uses and the information
and links you are providing here are a positive alternative for anyone feeling alone while
suffering any mental health issues".
• In 2012, there were 552 youth suicides in
Canada aged 10 to 24 years old
• Two-thirds of the 552 were males
• The leading cause of non-accidental death
for youth is suicide
• 20 – 25 % of youth have at least one
mental health disorder
• Only 1 in 5 youth get mental health
• The wait for treatment of mental health
issues is one year and more
• Canada has the third highest youth suicide
rate in the world
Why sponsor a YMHC
• To support youth mental health initiatives that raise awareness and promote
• To increase brand exposure at our events and through the community
• To demonstrate your commitment to the mental wellbeing of all members of
the community, including youth with mental health challenges and disabilities
• To take a leadership role in youth mental health awareness and action
• To support the work of YMHC by providing financial support and enable us to
continue to provide programs

Your participation as a sponsor of Youth Mental Health Canada’s World Suicide

Prevention for Youth Day will reinforce the message that we all have responsibility
for suicide prevention and that you would like to be seen as a leader in youth
mental health change.

We are happy to discuss your specific interests and tailor a

sponsorship/recognition package that maximizes the value to your organization.
In recognition of
World Suicide Prevention Day
September 10

Youth Mental Health Canada

announces its first

Youth Suicide
Prevention Day
Sunday, September 10
Join any of these activities to show your
support of youth mental health
awareness and change:
• Semicolon Tattoo Fundraiser
• Rendevous With Madness Film Screening of YMHC’s
"Youth Voices, Youth Hope" and the American Youth
Mental Health Project’s “No Letting Go”, Revue Cinema,
Roncesvalles Ave.
• Music Bingo at Gate 403,
403 Roncesvalles Ave, 7 - 11 p.m.

For more information, please see our website
Youth Mental Health Canada gives you many opportunities to promote your
business. There are different levels of sponsorship that provide opportunities for
you to play a prominent role in supporting youth mental health initiatives.

From Platinum level sponsorship to Bronze level, all businesses and individual
donors will be recognized in a variety of ways. You will gain important brand
exposure on social media and online for a very small cost and for a very significant
cause: youth suicide prevention.

We must do better for our youth in Canada. We know that you are committed to
making a difference for youth. Participating as a sponsor in our youth mental
health activities and events will contribute to the awareness that is needed to
reduce the youth suicide rate.
Event Marketing Deliverables:

• On YMHC website and event listing, linked to sponsor website

• On event invitation and all social media leading up to the event
• Sponsor to be noted on Youth Mental Health Canada social media: Facebook,
Twitter and Instagram before, during and after the event
• Sponsor logo on all event and organization information
• Sponsor logo on webpage
• Company banner or signage presented prominently during events: sponsor logo
• Speaking opportunities
• Corporate booth at events
• Pre and post event press release inclusion
• Logo on promotional material

Your involvement as a sponsor and the deliverables that are included can be tailor
designed to fit your particular needs.

We are all touched by mental health. We all have stories. Demonstrate your
commitment to youth mental health awareness and youth suicide prevention by
joining us in partnership.
Sheryl Boswell
Executive Director
Tel: 416-662-6455

Caitlin Wellman
Operations and Events Coordinator
Tel: 416-915-3542

Contact YMHC
8 Wright Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M6R 1K8
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Let us know if you have another way or idea to support or partner with Youth
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