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Hoke County Department of Social Services

Adult Protective Services Unit
Malayah McCormick
Background Information

■ The client I did an assessment on is an 21-year-old bi-racial young woman.

■ She has been diagnosed with Autism, OCD, ADHD, Turrets disease, Ashenburger
disease, and mood pervasiveness.
Problem Statement

■ The purpose for doing an assessment on this client was because we received an
APS call from the client’s counselor stating possible abuse was taking place within
the home.
■ The client has already previously had an case with CPS when she was a minor.
■ The client attempted suicide recently and was hospitalized.

■ The services that the APS unit would have to possibly offer to the client is the need
to protect. If abuse is found to be truthful taking place within the home, then APS will
■ It doesn’t always result in displacement, but there is an possibility.
■ Temporary displacement, family counseling, group home, and programs for
individuals who need assistance APS can link her, as well as the parents to.

■ The client has an supportive family, especially financially. The stepfather and the
mother stressed regardless of what takes place within the home, they want her to
stay. They want to avoid as much as possible hospitalization or group home entry.
■ The client’s other biological parent and sister also mentioned their close bond. They
said if necessary, she can always come live with them and they will contribute to APS
assisting her as much as possible.

■ There is a lot of tension with the household of the client.

■ The client’s biological parents do not get along.
■ The client’s parents mentioned a lot of disruptive behavior within the home; physical
abuse on both ends, verbal abuse, and suicidal behavior.
■ The client has mood swings due to her disability, so she can never remain whole
about her thoughts or comments on any particular situation.
■ The client can be violent.
Assessment Goals

■ The goal of this assessment was to find out exactly to what extent the abuse was
taking place (i.e. physical, verbal, emotional) if not more than one.
■ Also, to find out who is executing the abuse and if the perpetrator is valid.
■ To understand the client’s mental health functioning
Specific Interventions

■ We have to determine whether to open the case by April.

■ By determining the need to open the case, then becomes the need to protect.
■ Potential interventions if the case is opened, include therapeutic counseling for the
client, since she is only receiving psychiatric assistance as right now.
■ Family therapeutic counseling.

■ What were potential biases? Based off of reading her former diagnoses, I expected the
client to be more intellectually impaired or attention deficit as opposed to behavioral.
■ What were some value differences between you and the client? Even though me and the
client were around the same age, they processed emotion differently. They we almost
childlike initially--- very sensitive, slightly reserved, cautious. Their family mentioned they
were controlling and demanding in their presence.
■ What events or life experiences have shaped them into the person they are? Growing up
and witnessing their biological parents split had an impact on the client, and continued
to do so with the formation of a very negative relationship between their biological
parents. Being pit against one another, and manipulation has token. Also, their disability
effects them socially. They have gotten into a lot of fights and altercations during their
lifetime within the school system and a lot of shifting around. Also, alleged abuse
indications within the home within the past.
Questions (Cont’d)

■ What is the staff recommendation about diagnosis, Interventions or treatment? The

social worker i’m working with suggested further, thorough investigation of the home
environment. To meet with each member of the household to get their stance and
mental functioning in regards to everything, to first determine if there’s an need to
protect. Based of description of the client’s behavior from family members, there is an
possibility more behavioral problems might be present.
■ What does research say on their diagnosis/problem/treatment? Research suggests
clients who have experienced what mine has can have mood disorders, poor mental
processing, depressive symptoms, attributes and behaviors. It can also lead to
exploitation of the persons and/or abuse towards or from the person.
■ What changes do recommend for the agency or service (Needs of agency, changes, and
rights issues)? Report those to supervisor. Some changes the agency should employ that
would possibly aid an case or situation like this is to have an actual counselor on site
employed at the agency to sooner began therapy.