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General knowledge about commands In this page, we're going to offer you solutions to remove viruses from your USB drive, memory card, in fact, any drive in a Windows 10 computer using CMD. In order to remove a virus using CMD, we will use a famous CMD command called ‘attrib’ command, So first, we'd better have some understanding about the commands we're supposed to use, Here are the basic attrioutes of the ‘attrib’ command which we will use later R-R represents the “Read-only’ attriute ofa file or folder. Read-only means the file cannot be written or executed. H-Hstands for the “Hidden” attribute, A-Similarily, A stands for “Archiving” which prepares a file for archiving, $-S attribute changes the selected files or folders into a system file from & user file by assigning the "System’ attribute to that particular file. “attrib” Syntax ATTRIB [+ attribute | - attribute] [pathname] [/S [/O01 In the above command, let's see what the different parameters and switches are: “+ J“! To enact or to cancel the specified attribute. ‘attribute’: As explained above, “/S* Searching throughout the entire path including subfolders. "70": Include any process folder. ‘pathname’: Path where the target file or folder is located. Here is the proper syntax for attrib command: ATTRIB [48 | -R] [+A | -4] [+8 | -S] [+H | -H] [+1 | -1] [6rivel[paralttilename] /S 0] /U) How to remove/delete virus using CMD in Windows 10/8.1/8/7 Just give you an example. | am going to transfer an ‘autoru my D: drive, virus from my USB drive to my D: drive and delete that virus from eo ee Waeciaet) Paencannetg Patenaens Paec Cannes assets Getic earns p:\> Step 1. Open Command Prompt from search and run as an administrator, Step 2. Type D: and press Enter. Step 3. Type attrio and press Enter, You'll see autorun.inf virus listed, Step 4, To remove virus using CMD, type into your command prompt attnib -r-a -s -h** and press Enter. This will remove the Read Only, Archive, System and hidden file attrioute fram all the files. (* forall the files with all different types of file extensions), Step 5, Type del autorun.inf and enter, to delete the files.