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Medical Imagging and

Muhamad Algi Fari
Out Line
 X- Rays
 Making x- Rays
 Useful of x rays
 Gamma Rays
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
X - Rays
X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation, as
are radio waves, microwaves, and light. These
different forms of electromagnetic radiation are
distinguished from one another by their frequencies
and wavelengths ( Louis A Bloomfield, 2016 )
Making X - Rays
Medical X-ray sources work by crashing fast-moving
electrons into heavy atoms. These collisions create X-
rays via two different physical mechanisms:

1. X-ray fluorescence/ characteristic x-rays

2. Bremsstrahlung
Useful of X-Rays
X-rays have two important uses in medicine:
1. Imaging
2. Radiation therapy
Using X-Rays for Imaging
X-ray imaging creates
pictures of the inside of
your body. The images
show the parts of your
body in different shades
of black and white. This is
because different tissues
absorb different amounts
of radiation.
Using X-Rays for Therapy
Compton scattering is crucial to radiation therapy.
When a patient is exposed to 1,000,000-eV photons,
most of the photons pass right through, but a small
fraction undergo Compton scattering and leave some
of their energy behind. This energy kills cells and can
be used to destroy a tumor.
Gamma Rays
Gamma rays, x-rays, visible light and radio waves
are all types (forms) of electromagnetic

There are a few more differences between X-rays

and Gamma Rays. The key difference is the source: x-
rays are emitted by the electrons outside the
nucleus, and gamma rays are emitted by the excited
nucleus itself.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
• MRI (or magnetic resonance
imaging) scan is a radiology
technique that uses
magnetism, radio waves,
and a computer to produce
images of body structures.
• The magnet creates a strong
magnetic field that aligns
the protons of hydrogen
atoms, which are then
exposed to a beam of radio
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