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 Cell- the basic str uctural and functional

unit of all organisms; c a n e x i s t
i n d e p e n d e n t ly, o r c o m b i n e w i t h o t h e r s

 Cell Theor y - cells are the basic building

blocks f or all living organisms; ever ything
living is made up of cells

Specialized parts of a cell

 Like the organs of our bodies

Surrounds the cell and keeps all the
organelles and cytoplasm inside the

 Like a bag
 Fluid that f ills a cell
 Ever ywhere inside the cell
 Organelles move around
and f loat in the cytoplasm
 Acts like the brain of the cell
 Usually near the center of the
 Powerhouses of the cell
 Act like a digestive system
 Floating in the cytoplasm,
usually on opposite sides of
the cell from one another
 Hold enzymes
 Floating in the cytoplasm,
usually on opposite sides of Lysosomes

the cell

 Enzyme- complex protein

produced by a cell
 Functions as a manuf actur ing
and packaging system
 Located near the edge of the

Manuf actur ing and
packaging system
Connected to the
nucleus on one side
and the membrane on
the other
Protein builders
Found on the outside of
the rough endoplasmic
reticulum and floating in
the cytoplasm
Small cylinder-
shaped organelle
near the nucleus in
animal cells
Occurr ing in pairs
near the nucleus
Small sac
Carr ies out
Tiny hollow space
filled with fluid in
the cytoplasm of a
Rigid wall that
surrounds the
plasma membrane
and supports the

Cell Wall


3 types
 Skeletal
 Cardiac
 Smooth
Move by contracting (tightening up)
 Diff erent shapes
 Fat and square 
flatten out
 Dead skin cells on
 Keeps germs and
other things out of
the body
 Doughnut shaped
without hole
 Red color from iron -
based chemical
 Car r ies oxygen from
lungs to the rest of the
 Fight illnesses by
digesting the object
 Produces antibodies