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Group 1 ‘Interaction’:

Dimas Satria Wirahadi

Rival Muhammad Susilo
Mohammed Pratama Zamorano
Syarif Hidayatullah
Use of Non-Cash Transactions in
Economic Activities at 212 Mart and
Alfamart Kampung Utan area, Ciputat
Money is a cultural product as a means of
exchange used to assist people in conducting
various economic activities. Advances in
technology and human civilization today have
changed much like the example of the physical
form of money. In terms of physical money, it is
currently evolving in another form that replaces
paper money and coins, which appears what is
often called plastic money, such as atm, debit
cards, credit cards and others.
Non-cash transactions are a cashless payment
system (paper or coin) that was introduced in
retail transactions in the 1990s. And cash
transactions are payment systems that use cash
money in the form of paper or coins directly.
Nowadays non-cash transactions have become a
part and become a habit in economic activity.
Many people are already using this transaction
model and they have rarely brought cash.
Motivation from the stores
• Each store always has its own motivation is also
no exception 212 mart and Alfa mart. Their
motivation to attract consumers in shopping at
their store. Motivation of 212 mart is ‘Sharia
Cooperative’ and Alfamart ‘belanja puas, harga
pas’. Many ways they do to attract consumers
ranging from building infrastructure that supports
non-cash transactions and provide many models
of transactions such as non-cash transactions and
cash transactions to facilitate consumers in
Operating hours duration
• 212 mart starts to open the shop at 7 am and
closes at 10 pm. During the operational time,
many transactions are made, from cash
transactions and non-cash transactions.
• Alfamart starts open shop at 7 am and closes
at 10 pm.
Types of frequent used transactions

• According to the results of our interviews with

212 mart and Alfamart workers, in 212 mart
transactions dominated by cash transactions
reached 65 percent and non-cash transactions
reached 35 percent.
• In Alfamart, from cash transactions that reach
60 percent and non-cash transactions that
reach 40 percent.
• Why are non-cash transactions sufficiently
high for the minimarket level? Because non-
cash transactions have several advantages,
among others, saving time, practically, can
control costs, reduce the risk of theft.
However, non-cash transactions also have
some disadvantages, among others, limiting
the number of transactions, the risk of
hacking, system errors, Internet needs to
support transactions.
Frequently Buyed Goods
• In general, goods sold in minimarts such as
212 mart and Alfa mart are food, beverages,
basic necessities (rice, oil, sugar etc), and most
if consumers buy small quantities usually pay
in cash, but when the transactions in the
amount which are large enough to use non-
cash, such as shopping for monthly needs they
usually pay with non-cash.
Type of non-cash transactions
• Many non-cash transactions can be done in
minimarkets, when at 212 mart which only
have two EDC (Electronic Data Capture)
machines will only be able to make payment
on goods to be purchased. On the contrary, in
Alfamart because it has a ATM machine, one
ATM machine that can be used by several
banks and three EDC machines is the reason
why non-cash transactions in Alfa mart are
higher than 212 mart.
• The types of non-cash transactions that can be
done in the minimarket, among others, money
transfer, cash withdrawals, filling the balance e
toll, filling the balance of electronic money.
That cause the frequency of non-cash
transactions in Alfamart higher than in 212
• Non-cash transactions are already part of the needs of
today's society. Non-cash transactions in the alfamart
are higher because many are supported by several
factors such as three EDC machines, an ATM machine,
and one ATM machine that can be used by several
banks. Transactions in the alfamart are also more
diverse in more choices than just paying, because there
can transfer money, withdraw cash, refill e tolls. While
at 212 mart fewer non cash transactions because there
are only two EDC machines and no ATM machine
inside. Since there are only two EDC machines it can
only be used to pay for groceries.
• In using non-cash transactions should be
careful because of the many digital crime
actions that may occur with you. You must
keep all data related to your non-cash money.
If your data is stolen then you should
immediately do the blocking action by
contacting the relevant bank for your savings
money can be saved.