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User Interface, UML

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What Is User
Interface ?
User Interface Is

view that deals directly with the user and the user interface serves to connect the user
with the operating system so that the computer can be operated
Type Of User Interface
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Command Line Interface (CLI)

CLI is a process inputing a text-based
command or by typing commands to perform
a specific task

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Graphical User Interface (GUI)
GIU is the process of inputing the user's
commands by using the graphical menu, in
general GPU developed to facilitate users to
interact with information systems.
Command Line Interface
Grapichal User Interface
UML – What is UML?
The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a standard language for

Specifying Visualizing Documenting Constructing

from an object-oriented software development system

Developed by the “Three Amigos”:
Booch: Booch Method
Rumbaugh: OMT (object modeling tech.)
Jacobson: OOSE (OO software engrg.)
UML Diagrams
Ex. Use Case Diagram

“Patients contact the clinic to make an

appointment in the annual examination.
Receptionists get free time on the sche
dule book and put the appointment into
that spare time”
Application Editor
Microsoft Visio UML Studio 7.1
is the level of quality of the system that is easy to learn, easy to use
and encourages users to use the system as a positive tool in
completing tasks. In this context, what is meant by system is software
or web page. Usability is a measure, in which users can access the
functionality of a system effectively, efficiently and satisfactorily in
reaching certain goals.
How easy the user is in completing the basic tasks the fir
st time using the design

How fast can complete the command

When a user uses again how much (remembrance)
remembers his use

How many mistakes were made while using it.

How convenient the user is with that interface.
In making the web, according to Jakob Nielsen, usability
is an important requirement that a web can survive for a long time. Sites
that have high usability have a very large opportunity for frequent visits b
y internet users. In general, users want to get information quickly and as
expected so they do not have time to read the manual website or try the
work interface which are available. If a site fails to clearly show what can
be done with the site, users will likely leave the site immediately and
switch to another site
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1 Apakah tulisan pada aplikasi game tersebut v v v 100 0

terlihat jelas ?

2 Apakah menu pada aplikasi game tersebut v 0 v 66,66 33,33

mudah untuk dimengerti ?
3 Apakah anda mengerti bagaimana cara 0 v v 66,66 33,33
memainkan aplikasi game tersebut ?

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Kuisoner Usabilitas 1 Apakah aturan pada aplikasi game tersebut v v v 100 0
memudahkan dalam bermain ?
2 Apakah aplikasi game tersebut langsung dapat v v v 100 0
dimainkan ketika membuka aplikasi tersebut ?

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1 Apakah daerah petualangan pada aplikasi v v v 100 0

tersebut mudah untuk diingat ?

2 Apakah anda harus log in dahulu ketika akan v v v 100 0

bermain ?

3 Apakah anda mengingat semua fungsi pada 0 v v 66,66 33,33

aplikasi tersebut ?

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1 Apakah terjadi bug atau crash saat anda 0 v 0 33,33 66,66

sedang bermain ?

2 Apakah aplikasi game tersebut pernah keluar v v 0 66,66 33,33

secara tiba-tiba ?
3 Apakah ada fungsi atau menu yang tidak 0 0 0 0 100
Kuisoner Usabilitas berjalan dengan semestinya ?

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1 Apakah anda ingin bermain kembali suatu hari v v v 100 0

nanti ?

2 Apakah anda tidak merasa bosan ketika v v 0 66,66 33,33

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3 Apakah warna dan juga gambar pada aplikasi v 0 0 33,33 66,66
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