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Information and Communication Technology in Science

(SSI 3013)

Title: Challenges of Smart School

Name Student ID
Siti Fatimah binti Zulkifli D20152072027
Nazihah binti Ramli D20152072030
Nurfarhana binti Rosli D20152072035
What is Smart School?
 Smart School was launched where it become • The internet access frequently interrupted
one of seven flagship applications of
Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC). Limited internet
 Smart School can be defined as learning
institution that has been systematically
reinvented in terms of teaching and learning
practices and school management in order to
prepare children for the Information Age. • The infrastructures are out of date
 Wave 1: Pilot Phase (1999-2002) and limited.
 Wave 2: Post-Pilot (2002-2005) • Cannot provide complete ICT
 Wave 3: Making All School Smart (2005- Lacking of ICT equipment due to the high cost and
2010) Equipment and maintenance fees
 Wave 4: Consolidate and Stabilize (2010- Infrastructures
Parents Students
There was a lack of parent’s participation in the planning of • Especially to the students with learning difficulty.
the initiative
According to Wettasinghe & Hasan (2007) –
Example : ’learning difficulties’ is a heterogeneous group of students
A website has been set up lately by the Ministry of who are seen to have significant difficulties in the
Education Malaysia known as KPM Online Registration acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills.
System (SPATKPM) - . They have been struggling to understand, to learn and to
For some parents, this new approach is unfamiliar to them. discover the new technique to study through ICT.

• Some students who do not have computers at home

may also feel confused and frustrated when they are
offered new educational methods.

• It is observed that traditional teaching methods

Parents have to spend their saving to fulfil their children continue, indicating the fundamental flaws in the
needs for education. program (a gap exists in digital learning).

The economic condition of many families, particularly

those living in remote areas makes technology and internet
access unaffordable for their children.
Negative perspective
Lack of ICT skills As the conclusion, the teaching and
on technology
learning process of Smart School were
included the process of curriculum,
pedagogy, assessment and teaching-
Problem in finishing Need to make various learning materials. Technology is used
the syllabus planning of teaching as an information processing and
productivity tool in the Smart School
system because technology has diverse
roles in smart schools to ensure the
teaching and learning process run
Teachers act as
technician smoothly and to help manage the
schools for better future.