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noun: communication

1. the imparting or exchanging of information or news.

2. means of connection between people or places, in particular.
Integrated Marketing Communication is
• the practice of unifying all marketing communication messages and
tools as well as the messages from the marketing mix decisions, so
that they send a consistent message promoting the brand’s strategy
(Moriarty, 2012)

• a communications process that entails the planning, creation,

integration, and implementation of diverse forms of marcom
(advertisements, sales promotions, publicity releases, events, etc.)
that are delivered over time to a brand’s targeted customers and
prospects (Boulding, 1997).
• Advertising and other forms of marketing
How Does communication are first of all a form of
Marketing communication, messages – to consumer about
a brand – that are designed to have some type
Commnication of impact.
• To get attention, provide information, even a bit
Work? of entertainment.
Communication Model
Traditional Approach:

• AIDA (Attention, Interest,

The Effect Desire, Action) 
Hierarchy of effect model.
• Think/Feel/Do Model.
• Domains (Perception,
Learning, Persuasion)
The Facet Model of Effetc

Radio Magazine

Television Traditional Brochure The Channels

Banner Poster

Media consumers are active,
in control, and entertained.
Lives are media focused.
Are These
You? Personal life has become
Global has become local.
Viral Communication
Customer Service
Product Placement
Video Games
Branded Entertainment
Mobile Marketing
Branded Apps

New Wave
Public Relation
• Public relations is the management function that
establishes and maintains mutually beneficial
relationships between an organization and the publics
on whom its success or failure depends.
• Public relations focuses on all the relationships an
organization has with its various publics.
• By publics, we mean all the groups of people with
which a company or organization interacts:
employees, members, customers, local communities,
shareholders, other institutions, and society at large
The Program
Media Relation

Employee Relation

Financial Relation

Public Affair



Cause Marketing
Direct Response/Selling
as a multichannel system of marketing that uses a
variety of media to connect sellers and customers
who deal with each other directly rather than
through an intermediary, such as a wholesaler or
• direct marketing relies on communication
that is sent in some form direct to the
• the response (sales, sign-up, request for
information) comes directly back to the
source. In both cases there is no
intermediary, such as a retailer
The Media

Direct Telemar Infomer

Catalog Spam Website
Mail keting cial
Sales Promotion
• When a marketer increases the value of
its product or brand by offering an extra
incentive to purchase it, the marketer is
creating a sales promotion.
• sales promotion is a set of techniques
that prompts members of three target
audiences—consumers, sales
representatives, and the trade
(distributors, retailers, dealers)—to take
action, preferably immediate action.
The Events

Consumer Promotion Trade Promotion

• Price Deals • Retailer (Dealer) Kits
• Refunds and Rebates • Trade Incentives & Deals
• Sampling • Contests
• Premiums • Point-of-purchase Promotion
• Coupons • Trade Show & Exhibits
• Contests and sweepstakes
• Specialties
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