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Explains Filipino artists’ roles and identify their contribution to contemporary arts
CAR11/12CAP-0c -e-5
Evaluates contemporary art forms based on the elements and principles
CAR11/12CAP-0c -e-6
Powerpoint Presentation

From the list of National Artists mentioned, choose one

National Artist that you would like to conduct an
individual research on.
Provide a detailed report of his/her a) life, b) an analysis
of his/her style or technique, c) contributions to his/her
chosen field, d) images, sound bites (optional), and e)
sample of his/her works and descriptions

Category 10 9 7 5
Quality of Information/ paper is exceptionally researched, information relates to the main information relates to the main information has little or nothing to
Evidence extremely detailed, and historically topic. topic, few details and/or examples do with the thesis.
accurate. are given.
paper is well-researched in detail Information has weak or no
and from a variety of sources. shows a limited variety of sources. connection
Organization exceptionally clear, logical, clear and logical order that somewhat clear and logical lacks development of ideas with
mature, and thorough supports research with good development with basic transitions weak or no transitions between
development of research with transitions between and within between and within paragraphs. and within paragraphs.
excellent transitions between and paragraphs.
within paragraphs.
SLIDE CREATION Uses a variety of colors that Uses limited colors that enhance Uses limited colors, neither Uses only default colors
(Graphics, Designs, colors, special enhance presentation the presentation enhance or detract from
effects) presentation Uses clipart but need teacher
Uses multiple self – created Uses edited public domain or self – assistance to do so. Few graphics
graphics. All graphics supports the created graphics. Most graphics Uses public domain graphics support the presentation
presentation support the presentation (without editing). Some graphics
support the presentation Uses enhancement but needs
Uses format and enhancement Uses format and enhancement teacher assistance to do so
that involve audience and clarify appropriate for audience and Uses enhancements independently
message message but add little to presentation
Mechanics Contains no error in spelling and Few error in spelling and Some spelling errors and Many spelling and punctuation
punctuation. Text is in authors own punctuation. Text is in authors own punctuation. Text is in authors own errors
words. words. words.