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Learning activity 1

Evidence: Unforgettable restaurant

In a presentation describe a restaurant considering the given format.

When you finish your presentation you should make a recording of all the
information included.
The brunch
There is a great variety of
types of breakfast, lunch
and dinner, between
important more we have
them continental,
American, typical, English,
French and between
DIRECTION C/Federico García
Lorca, 6 07014 Palma Balearic
Islands, Street 6 Not. 3-25
Bread of cheese.
Empada (type of tart).
Empada integral.
Tart (palmetto / chicken).
sándwich native.
Mixed toasting / mixed.
Bauru (ham, cheese, tomato and lettuce).
You graze.
Salad in bowl.
sándwich in crumb.
Lentils to the Spring.
Popes you refill with blackish.
Lasaña with Bolognese of turkey
and bacon.
It grazes with zucchini.
Lasaña of Aubergines.
Dads' Gratín with cheese I grind.
Penne to the Roman.
Noodles with camarones.
Menu: beverages and desserts.
Jamaica rum. Frozen you.
Water of fruit of season.
Milk of soybean.
Warm you.
Warm chocolate
frozen palette bathed in chocolate.
Skewer of covered fruit of chocolate.
Sickly-sweet apple
. Ice cream with brownie.
Service and opening

International - Fished and

Seafood - Meats.
Opened every day
Three reasons to go there.

• The environment is comfortable

and calm.
• The attention on the part of the
workers paid by the month is
• The letter possesses diversity
of desserts.
Special occasions that it can
celebrate in a restaurant it is to
celebrate birthday, anniversary
and romantic dinner I celebrate it
with a glass of wine to celebrate
the occasion, a dinner or have
lunch à la carte and of end a
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Note: This evidence is an individual activity. Remember to check the
learning guide in order to know if you have done all the assigned activities,
know how to develop them and deliver them correctly.

Criterios de evaluación
• Intercambia información de restaurantes haciendo uso de la estructura
y el vocabulario requeridos.

• Describe ocasiones especiales teniendo en cuenta el vocabulario