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U2L Solution Roll Out Result

East Java

April 26th, 2016


3G Strategic: Connected Mode U2L Solution Rollout
Fact Finding: Analysis:
UE difficult to move from 3G to 4G during dedicated mode. Only L2U UE can • Currently, during dedicated mode, UE will move from 3G to 4G through
move from 3G to 4G during dedicated mode through service based UMTS to LTE service based UMTS to LTE PS redirection with trigger low activity and Iu
PS redirection CS release.
• Activation periodic UMTS to LTE PS service based redirection will speed
Action Taken: up UE moves from 3G to 4G
Activate periodically trigger service based UMTS to LTE PS redirection for 3G co-
located with 4G sites on 6214 cells at 21 April 2016 around 1 AM. Activate LTE
subscriber study (RAN 17). It will allow the L2U historic user (at least ever
redirected from 4G to 3G) to redirect to 4G

Trial Result: Date Before 15-18 April 2016: Date After:22-25 April 2016
 Based on drive test, UE can redirected from 3G to 4G in CELL_DCH state
 UMTS to LTE service based PS redirection increased 744.76% (UE faster
moving from 3G to 4G)
 3G & 4G KPI keep maintain
 Total payload 4G increased 8.26% while 3G payload decreased 3.19%
 HSDPA user keep maintain, while 4G user increased 8.83%
 Mean TCP utilization decreased 1.73%

+744.76% +8.26% -3.19%

Overview of Interworking Strategy
Connected Mode
• L1800  L1800: Intra-frequency handover based on coverage
• L1800  U2100/G1800: Inter-RAT PS Redirection for PS service, CSFB by redirection for CS service
(G900 not involved since only S1/1/1)
• U2100/G1800/G900 L1800: Redirection for PS Service (fast return only co-locate with LTE)

LTE 1800 LTE 1800

L1800 R17 LTE Subscriber Study
R16: L2U User
F1 U2100 Only L2U redirection Users can perform Service based U2L redirection,
UMTS 2100 UMTS 2100 UMTS 2100
This user is only the current L2U service user.
F2 U2100
F3 U2100
UMTS 2100 UMTS 2100 R17: LTE User
RNC learns about LTE subscriber information. The RNC records
G1800 subscribers (IMSI) who were handed over or redirected from LTE and
GSM 1800 GSM 1800 GSM 1800
labels these subscribers as LTE subscribers. The user can be a historic
L2U user.
GSM 900 GSM 900 GSM 900 G900
Coverage Based

U->L Fast Return

U2L service based redirection

G->L Fast Return (>=SRAN7.0)

Trial Result (Drive Test)

Drive Test Methodology:

1. UE playing long video streaming in LTE coverage
2. UE moving to area where 3G coverage is acceptable while LTE
coverage is weak, and the user redirection from 4G to 3G
3. UE moving back to LTE coverage is good
4. UE redirects from 3G to 4G as expected

Test Case Analysis:

1. UE moved to 3G in DCH state at 20:38:31
2. UE set up RAB in 3G at 20:38:32 and starting timer for
periodic U2L redirection
3. UE redirected to LTE at 20:38:46
4. UE set up RAB in LTE at 20:38:47

Test Conclusion:
1. UE can redirected from 3G to 4G in CELL_DCH state.
2. UE redirected to 4G around 15s
3. UE service impacts 1~2s during redirection.
OSS Statistic Result

+ 8.26 %
+ 8.83 %

+744.76 %

- 1.73 % - 3.19 % Maintain

U2L service based redirection to LTE trigger times increased more than 744.76%. Total 4G payload increased 8.26% while 3G payload decreased 3.19%. HSDPA user
keep maintain, 4G users increased 8.83% while TCP utilization decreased 1.73%. (Date Before:15-18 April, Date After: 22-25 April 2016)
Suspect 4G Core Issue

+ 8.26 %

Downlink throughput degraded since April 17th, 2016 suspect due to core issue. This problem also happened in Jabotabek
3G Accessibility

Accessibility performance keep maintain

3G Retainability

Retainability performance keep maintain

3G Integrity

HSPA throughput keep maintain while PS throughput degraded due to fixing inconsistency HSDPA capability external definition. After that fixing, during crossing
RNC border HSDPA service no need to switch to DCH for handover (HSDSCH to HSDSCH, not HSDSCH-DCH-DCH-HSDSCH)
3G Traffic & Payload

Maintain - 14.76 %

- 3.39 % - 1.25 %

Voice traffic keep maintain, while PS, HSDPA and HSUPA payload decreased 14.76%, 3.39% and 1.25% respectively
(Date Before:15-18 April, Date After: 22-25 April 2016)

KPI performance keep maintain

4G Payload & Users

+ 7.73 % + 13.54 % + 8.26 %

+ 8.83 %

Downlink traffic, uplink traffic, total traffic volume & total user number increased 7.73%, 13.54%, 8.26% and 8.83%
(Date Before:15-18 April, Date After: 22-25 April 2016)
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