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Microsoft Official Course

Designing Business Intelligence
Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server
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Course Outline

• Module 1, “Planning a BI Solution"

• Module 2, “Planning SQL Server Business Intelligence Infrastructure"
• Module 3, “Designing a Data Warehouse"
• Module 4, “Designing an ETL Solution"
• Module 5, “Designing Analytical Data Models"
• Module 6, “Planning a BI Delivery Solution"
• Module 7, “Designing a Reporting Services Solution"
• Module 8, “Designing a Microsoft Excel-Based Reporting Solution"
• Module 9, “Planning a SharePoint Server BI Solution"
• Module 10, “Monitoring and Optimizing a BI Solution"
• Module 11, “Operating a BI Solution"
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• 20466: Implementing Data Models and Reports with
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• 20467: Designing Business Intelligence Solutions with
Microsoft SQL Server 2014
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Preparing for the Labs

Your lab activities will be centered around Adventure Works

Cycles, a fictitious manufacturer and seller of cycles and related

To complete the labs, you will work in a virtual

machine (VM) environment.
Virtual Machine Environment

Virtual Machine Name: Use as:

20467D-MIA-DC Domain controller

20467D-MIA-SQL Database and BI server

MSL-TMG1 Internet gateway



Demonstration: Using Hyper-V Manager

In this demonstration, you will learn how to:

• Open Hyper-V Manager
• Navigate the various sections/panes within Hyper-V Manager
• Virtual Machines, Snapshots, and Actions: Server-specific and VM-
• Identify the VMs used in the labs for this course
• Take a Snapshot and Apply a Snapshot
• Connect to a VM
• Start and log on to a VM
• Switch between full screen and window modes
• Revert to the previous Snapshot
• Shut down a VM
• When to use Shut Down or Turn off
• Close Hyper-V Manager