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 Admission is the process of patient registration the beginning of the
entire medical recording process or this is the first service received by a
patient upon arrival at the hospital, in the process of registration is the
patient got a good impression or not good from a service from the
hospital. Therefore, in this registration system officers should be friendly,
courteous, polite, orderly and responsible for the patient to feel cared for
and served well.
 admission card is form used to obtain information about case history, in
order to determine a patient goes to appropriate ward.
the registration system is divided
into two:
1. New Patients
New patient registration will be done by filling out a new patient
registration form to get the patient's social data to be included in the
computer. Each new patient will get the patient's number, then the
patient will be given a medication card that must be taken whenever
the patient comes back for treatment to the hospital.
2. Old Patients
As for the registration of the old patient, done by looking for patient
medical records file in accordance with RM number listed in the medical
Expressions in giving admission:
 Welcome, Mr. Candra
 I’ll show you your room, now.
 I’d like to ask you some questions.
 Have you ever been in a hospital?
 When was the last time you were hospitalized?
 Have you had any operation?
 Are you allergic to anything?
 Do you use hearing aid?
 Do you smoke? How many cigarettes in a day?
 Could you tell me about your illness?
 What medicine have you taken at home?
 Do you want a religious service?
When admitting the patient at least you have
some of these patients data:
 Complete name
 Address & phone number
 Date of the birth
 Civil state (status)
 Occupation
 Religion
 Name and address of next kin (sanak saudara)
 History of the patient