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Department Of Technical Education

Andhra Pradesh
Name : Ch Jyothi
Designation : Senior Lecturer
Branch : Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Institute : Government Polytechnic, Proddatur
Year/Semester : IV Semester
Subject : A C Machines I
Code No : EE402
Topic : Single Phase Transformers
Duration : 50 Minutes
Sub Topic : Classification of Transformers
Teaching Aids : Photos & Diagrams
Revised by : D.Linga Reddy, HEES J.N.Govt.polytechnic, Hyd
9EE402.3 1
Can you recollect what we have learnt in last

• Introduction to transformer

• Working principle of transformer

• Features of transformer

• Step-up transformer

• Step-down transfer 9EE402.3

On completion of this period, you should be
able to
• Classify transformers based on various factors such as
number of phases, construction and function, no. of
windings, type of cooling.

• Based on location

• Based on rating

• Based on frequency

9EE402.3 3
Classification of Transformers
Transformers are classified
based upon Number of Phases

• Single Phase Transformers

• Poly-Phase Transformers
a) 2-phase Transformers
b)3-Phase Transformers

9EE402.3 4
Classification of Transformers contd..
Based on construction
1. Core -type 2. Shell -type

3 Berry type

9EE402.3 5
Classification of Transformers contd..
Based on Function

I) Power transformer
• Setup up transformer
• Step down transformer

II) Distribution transformer is

always step down

9EE402.3 6
Classification of Transformers contd…
Based on function
III) Instrument transformers

• Current transformers

• Potential transformers

IV) Welding transformers

9EE402.3 7
Classification of
Transformers contd…
Based on Number of windings

• Single winding transformer Single winding T/f

(Auto transformer)

• Multi winding transformer

9EE402.3 8
Multi winding T/f
Classification of
Transformers contd..
Based on Type of cooling

I) Air cooled transformers

• Natural air cooled


• Forced air cooled transformer

• Induced air cooled


9EE402.3 9
Classification of

Types of cooling contd..

II) Oil cooled transformer
• Oil-filled natural or self cooled

• Oil-filled forced air cooled


• Oil-filled forced water cooled


9EE402.3 10
Classification of
Transformers Based on
Location Contd..

• Indoor transformer
• Outdoor transformer

Based on Rating
• Low rating transformer
• Medium rating
• High rating transformer

9EE402.3 11
Classification Of
Transformers contd..

Based on Frequency
• Low frequency or power
frequency or audio
frequency frequency 50

• High frequency
transformer, pulse
transformer, radio
frequency etc

9EE402.3 12
Why Transformer Works on AC Supply only ?

• Electro magnetic induction

What happens when a transformer is connected to a

DC supply ?

• The flux produced by DC supply does not vary but

remains constant in magnitude
• As flux remains constant no e.m.f is induced in the
primary and secondary

9EE402.3 13
• As there is no self induced e.m.f in the primary winding to
oppose the applied voltage

• A heavy current will flow through the primary winding

• And this large current will result in the damage of the


9EE402.3 14
we have discussed about

Classification of Transformer based on

various factors like

• Number of phases

• Construction

• Function

9EE402.3 15
Summary contd..

• Number of winding
• Type of cooling
• Location
• Rating
• Frequency
• Reasons for working transformer on a.c. supply only

9EE402.3 16

1) Based on construction, transformers are classified


a) Core type , Shell type, Berry type

b) Single phase, Three phase

c) Either (a) or (b)


2) Based on No. of phases transformers are classified


a) Core type

b) Shell type

c) Single phase and Poly phase

9EE402.3 18

3) Distribution transformers are

always step-down transformers

a) True

b) False

9EE402.3 19

4) Transformers works on a.c. supply only

a) True

b) False

9EE402.3 20
Frequently Asked Questions

1) Classify the transformers based on various factors

2) Give reasons for working of transformers on a.c.

supply only

9EE402.3 21