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Department Of Technical Education

Andhra Pradesh
Name : Ch Jyothi
Designation : Senior Lecturer
Branch : Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Institute : Government Polytechnic, Proddatur
Year/Semester : IV Semester
Subject : A C Machines I
Code No : EE402
Topic : Single Phase Transformers
Duration : 50 Minutes
Sub Topic : Constructional details of Transformers
Teaching Aids : Photos & Diagrams
Revised by : D.Linga Reddy, HEES J.N.Govt.polytechnic, Hyd
9EE402.4 1

In the previous class, we have learnt


• Working principle of transformer

• Features of transformer

• Classification of transformer


On completion of this period, you should be able to

• Understand the constructional details of transformer

9EE402.4 3
Transformer Construction
What are the Basic Parts of a Transformer?

• Magnetic core

• Windings or coils

9EE402.4 4
Magnetic core

The core material and its

construction should be such that

• Maximum flux is created

• With minimum magnetizing


• With minimum core loss

9EE402.4 5
Magnetic Core Contd…

Core consists of two

Limbs or legs
• The vertical portion
on which windings
or coils are wound
are called limbs
• The top and bottom
horizontal portions
are called as yokes
of the core
9EE402.4 6
Magnetic Core Contd…
• Yokes connect the limbs
and serve for closing the
magnetic circuit
• In two limbed core the
cross-sectional area of the
limbs and the yokes are
• In three limbed core
windings are placed around
the central limb also known
as main limb

9EE402.4 7
Magnetic Core Contd…
• In all types of
transformers the
core is made of
steel having silicon
• High silicon content
reduces the
hysterisis loss
• Core is laminated to
reduce the eddy
current losses

9EE402.4 8
Magnetic Core Contd…

• To reduce the losses further

cold rolled grain oriented
silicon steel laminations are
• Laminations are insulated
from each other by light coat
of varnish or by an oxide

9EE402.4 9
Magnetic Core Contd…

• The laminations are cut in the form of E & I

OR L & 7

• To avoid high reluctance at the joints the

laminations are butted against each other
and alternate layers are inverted

9EE402.4 10
Transformer Construction

Windings or coils

• The transformer has high

voltage and low voltage
coils for each phase

• The coils may be either

cylindrical concentric or
sand witched type

9EE402.4 11
Windings Contd…

Concentric coils
• Concentric coils are used in
core-type transformers

• The two windings are wound on

two different limbs

• For this type-leakage flux will

be more

9EE402.4 12
Concentric Coils contd..

• To reduce the leakage flux the

two windings are wound on the
same limb and on both the

• The positioning of the HV & LV

windings with respect to the
core is very important for
insulation requirement

Concentric Core contd..

• The low voltage winding is

placed near the core
because it is easier to
insulate from the core

• The high voltage windings

are placed after it

9EE402.4 14
Sand-witched coils

• Sand witched coils are

commonly used for shell type
• Leakage reactance of the
windings can be easily
• Leakage flux can be further
reduced by subdividing the HV &
LV coils

9EE402.4 15
Sand-witched coils contd..

• High voltage coils lie between

the two low voltage coils
• The two low voltage coils are the
ends have half the turns of low
voltage coils and these coils are
called half coils

9EE402.4 16

we have discussed about

• The basic parts of a transformer

• Core

• Winding

• Classification of Transformer

9EE402.4 17

1) The core is divided into

a) Limb & Windings

b) Yoke & Windings

c) Yoke & Limbs

9EE402.4 18

2) Core is laminated to reduce……….. Losses

a) Hysteresis losses

b) Eddy current losses

c) Both (a) & (b)

9EE402.4 19

3) Transformer core is made of………… material

a) Silicon steel

b) Iron

c) Both (a) & (b)

9EE402.4 20

4) Concentric coils are used in core type of


a) True

b) False

c) Neither

9EE402.4 21

5) Sand witched coils are used in shell type


a) True

b) False

c) Neither

9EE402.4 22
Frequently Asked Questions

1) Explain the constructional details of a


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