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s of Literature

Prose Poetry
- written or spoken
language in its ordinary
form, without metrical
A. Fiction
-written stories about people
and events that are not real
a. Folktales
-passed down from generation
to generation
-traditional story
•Fables- animals
•Legend- historical but
•Fairytales- a simple children’s
story about magical creatures
b. Myth
-Belief which explains some
natural or social phenomenon,
and typically involving
supernatural beings or events
c. Parable
- a short story that teaches a
moral or spiritual lesson
d. Short Story
- a short written story usually
dealing with few characters
e. Anecdote
- a short account of a particular
incident or event
f. Satire
- A way of using humor to show
that someone or something is
foolish, weak or bad.
g. Novel
- It is a long, fictional narrative
which describes intimate human
h. Novelette
- A short novel, typically one
that is light and romantic or
sentimental in character.
i. Drama/Play
- A composition in verse or prose
intended to portray life or
character or to tell a story usually
involving conflicts and emotions
through action and dialogue.
- Is content whose creator, in
good faith, assumes responsibility
for the truth or accuracy of the
events, people, or information
a. Autobiography
-an account of a person’s life
written by that person
b. Biography
- Is a detailed description of
person’s life.
c. Diary
- Is a record with discrete entries
arranged by date reporting on
what has happened over the
course of a day or other period.
d. Memoir
- Is a collection of memories that
an individual writes about
moments or events.
e. Essay
- Is generally a piece of writing
that gives the author’s own
f. Letter
- Is one person’s written message
to another pertaining to some
matter of common concern.
- Literary work in which
special intensity is given to
the expression of feelings
and ideas by the use of
distinctive style and rhythm
a. Narrative Poetry
- is a form of poetry that tells a
story, often making the voices of
a narrator and characters as well;
the entire story is usually written
in metered verse
• Epic
• Ballad-a narrative in the form of a
• Metrical Tales- written in verse that
relates to real or imaginary events in
simple and straight forward language
b. Lyric Poetry
- It is generally short and
expresses deep personal feelings;
it is often have a refrain or a line/s
that are repeated throughout the
• Ode- it is an elaborately structured
poem praising or glorifying an event or
• Elegy- is a poem of serious reflection,
typically lament for the dead
• Sonnet-a poem of fourteen lines using
any of a number of formal rhyme scheme
a. Dramatic Poetry
- is any drama that is written in
verse that is meant to be recited;
it usually tells a story or refers to a