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Tissues System on Plants

Tissues System on Plants

Epidermis Vascular Dasar

1. Epidermis System

- Is the outer protector cell of plants.

- Some differentiated epidermis formed : Trichoma, stomata,
Differentiated epidermal cells

Sel kipas


2. Vascular system

- Doing a long distance material transport between root

system and shoot system.
- Vascular system :
- Phloem, consists of :
- Tube filter elements (unsur tabung tapis)
- Sel pengiring
- Phloem fiber and phloem parenchyma
- Xylem, consists of :
- Vessels elements (unsur pembuluh)
- Xylem fiber
- Xylem parenchyma
Xylem and Phloem
3. Parenchyma system

- In the intern side of vascular system  pith (empulur)

- In the extern side of vascular system  cortex
The General Kinds of Plant’s
The general kinds of plant’s cells

Parenchyma Vascular
Collenchyma Schlerenchyma (pengangkut)
1. Parenchyma

- Is a primary tissues system of a plant.

- Formed by some living cells.
2. Colenchyma

- Support the young and growing part of plants.

- The cellulose on the corner of the cell wall are being
3. Schlerenchyma

- Support the cell’s part that never grow up anymore.

- Formed by the death cell ( sel mati ) that the walls are
4. Vascular (pengangkut)

Xylem and Phloem