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Company Profile

Percept Infosystem Consultant is management

consulting company , engaged in training, Recruitment
and process consulting

 Percept Infosystem Consultant is staffing company

serving bay area since 2014

Ithas been immensely successful in creating a global

network of highly adapt intelligent workforce that can
help a company achieve their mission-critical projects
and goals.
 Software Development

 Professional Training In PHP,.Net,Java,Android,Software

Testing, Web Designing, Digital Marketing,SEO,Angular
JS,python,AutoCad,Catia,HR Training with customize &
industrial exposure by experienced professional

 Recruitment Services

 Payroll Services
 Payroll is a company’s list of its employees, but the term is
commonly used to refer to:

 The total amount of money that a company pays to its


 A company’s records of its employees salaries and wages,

bonuses, and withheld taxes

 The company’s department that calculates and pay these.

 Payroll in the sense of money paid to employees

 A Salary is a form of payment from an employer to employee,
which may be specified in an employment contract.
Types Of Salary
Basic Salary : Unlike other aspects of CTC ,your basic salary will
not vary and remains a constant always. The entire amount of
your basic salary will be part of your in-hand salary.
Gross Salary: It is the amount paid before deductions of taxes or
other deductions and is inclusive of bonuses, over time pay,
holiday pay and other differentials
Net Salary: Net salary or take home salary is the income that the
employee actually takes home once tax and other such
deductions are carried over with it.
 A fixed regular payment earned for work or services on
hourly basis, typically paid on a daily or weekly basis.

Cost To Company
 It is the cost a company incurs when hiring an employee.
 CTC involves a number of other elements and is cumulative
of house rent allowance(HRA),Provident Fund(PF), and
medical insurance among other allowance which are added to
the basic salary
 Basic
 HRA(House Rent Allowance)

 DA(Dearance Allowance)

 Special All(Miscellaneous- punctual, performance, medical

 ESIC(Employee State Insurance Corporation)

 Child Education Allowance, if not married will allow

 Deductions

Professional Tax/Provident Fund

If employees are less than 20 then PT is applicable
If employees are 20 or more than 20 then PF is applicable
 Post: Admin(Experience)
 Gross Salary=18000
 Basic-50%=9000
 HRA-15%=2700
 DA-5.5%=1000
 CA-8.8%=1600
 MA-6.9%=1250
 SA-7.3%=1321
 Total=16871
 Deductions:
 PF-5.4%=972
 ESIC-0.8%=157
 Net Salary=16871-1129=16679

 We provide the quality and responsive service, we are

continually expanding our service offering to meet the
growing needs of our clients
 We are able to track and accumulate vacation, personal and
sick time for your employees.
 This information may appear on each employee’s
Check stub.
 Electronic filing system for all your payroll reports.
 We will take your chart of account codes for payroll revenue,
deductions and tax amount.
 Calculate payroll for your employees
 Calculate and track accrued vacation and sick time or other
 Export data into any one of several supported accounting
programs or create spreadsheets or reports for manual entry
into your system or for informational purpose
 View and print paystubs or paychecks and provide direct
deposit for your employees
 Payroll Debit Card deposits Third party checks and electronic
 Calculate federal and state payroll taxes based on the deposit
frequency you have set up.
 Prepare federal and state payroll tax forms as required and
file and pay electronically if your state supports this.
Thank You

Address:20/2 Akar Builders, opposite Dalal Nursing Home, near

Bayramji Town,Sadar,Nagpur
Contact: Pooja Bhosle:8208970766