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Jean Piaget

 Psychologist, Biologist, Scientist

 Born on August 09,1896
 Died on September 16, 1980
 Identified the Four Stages of Mental
Development called SCHEMA.
 Developed also new fields of scientific
study including Cognitive Theory and
Developmental Psychology
 This theory was come from Jean Piaget.
 It is an age-related change that occurs in
mental activities such as Attending,
Perceiving, Learning, Thinking and
 Intellectual activity is undertaken with one
goal in mind: to produce a balanced
harmonious relationship between one’s
thought processes and the environment.
Human beings inherit two important
intellectual function.


 refers to a child’s tendency to

arrange available schemata into coherent
systems or bodies of knowledge.

 is the child’s tendency to adjust to

the demands of the environment.

It occurs in two ways:

 Assimilation– is a process in which a

children seek to incorporate some new
experiences into schemata that they
already have
 Accomodation – alter their existing
schemata in response to environmental

 a cohesive, repeatable action sequence
possessing component actions that are
tightly interconnected and governed by a
core meaning'.
Sensorimotor Stage
 Birth to 2 years of age.
 Recognized relations between perception
and action
 Manipulate objects, use tools, take active
role in the world
 Begin to understand temporal, spatial and
cause and effect relations.
 Basic concept of Sensorimotor Stage
Object Permanence
Object Consistency
Preoperational Period
2 to 7 years old
 Acquire languange and ability to use
 Thinking dominated by perceptions of
physical features of objects, cannot
comprehend transformations that change
appearance of object.
 Basic Concept of Preoperational Period
Object Representation
Object Classification
Lessening of Egocentrism
Concrete Operational Period
7 to 11 years of age.
 Develop systematic operations that can be
applied flexibility to a variety of physical
problems: move beyond perceptions when
solving problems.
 Basic Concept of Concrete Operational
Conservation Concepts
Class Inclusion
Mental Representation
Formal Operational Period
 11years old and beyond
 Become capable of solving abstract
problems through logical operations.
 Reasoning no longer limited to physical
problems: by means of deduction and
hypothesis testing.
 Basic Concept of Formal Operational Period
Deductive Logic
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